1500 Refugees Heading For A Village In North Yorks


Angry scenes erupted at a Linton-On-Ouse Parish Council meeting held on 21.04.22, after the Home Secretary announced plans to turn a disused former RAF airbase into a new processing centre for asylum seekers. Plans have been drawn up to house them at the Linton-On-Ouse camp, which is between York and Harrogate in rural North Yorkshire.

The disused RAF airbase is situated in the middle of the village and the Home Office has made it clear that the refugees will be free to come and go provided they observe a nightly curfew. It was also stated that there was nothing to stop them getting on a bus and disappearing.

Villagers queue for a public meeting to discuss the proposed asylum processing centre at former RAF base at Linton-on-Ouse on April 23, 2022

The ‘refugees’ will be single young men from Syria, Iraq and Iran, who have entered Britain illegally by crossing the channel in small boats and dinghys. The pro-immigrant brigade has already christened it ‘Guantánamo-on-Ouse’. Patel’s plan to ship them to off Rwanda seems to have hit a snag – perhaps it’s Starmer and Labour’s vocal opposition that has derailed it. After all, if you send them to darkest Africa, how are they going to vote Labour?

One female resident was quoted as saying “I have lived in an area of Hull where these people were being housed and it got to the point where you dare not go out on your own.” Another resident said “I am not a racist. But this is just so wrong for this village. It is incredible how they have done this.”

The Home Office plan to house up to 1500 young males at the camp, but that number will almost certainly increase as the record numbers crossing the Channel rise along with the temperature as summer approaches. In fact the Home Office has predicted a figure of about 65,000, although the former head of the then UK’s Border Force told the media that 100,000 Channel migrants will reach Britain this year.

The village is home to a little over 1,000 people since the camp closed, but the locals will be outnumbered when the asylum seekers arrive. The fear amongst residents is that their house prices will plummet after the camp is opened. Hambleton District Councillor Martin Taylor said the impact of the influx would also be felt in surrounding rural communities.

For too long, the working class has had to accept the presence of these economic migrants being forced on our communities, with all the problems they bring. Meanwhile the NIMBY’s stayed silent. It didn’t affect them, it wasn’t their daughters being groomed.

Police outside the public meeting to discuss the proposed asylum processing centre.

In the Shire counties the blue-rinse supporters of the status quo have looked down their noses at the white working class and shed crocodile tears over the horrors these poor refugees had been through etc, etc. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Hopefully these people will realise what we in the inner cities have known for a long time. The System hates us all, young, old, male or female, rich or poor. We all need to be replaced by the new-comers.

This website has regularly documented the social problems created in Northern cities by the young males who make up the vast majority of economic migrants (sorry asylum seekers). Seacroft in Leeds has seen gangs of young Arab and African males, housed in a Britannia Hotel nearby, hanging around local shops propositioning young females as they entered and exited the stores. The BM has held a number of demo’s outside of these hotels highlighting the problem, all of which have been enthusiastically received by the locals.

We have warned our people for over sixty years about the dangers of mass immigration and the plans for the Great Replacement. Now even people in rural areas are seeing this plan in action and beginning to awaken to the fact that no city, town, village or hamlet will be left untouched.

Do not believe a word that comes out of the mouths of the establishment politicians, they are all complicit in the plan. We are all sheep to be herded and led by the nose into their great multi-racial future. First, they came for the working class in the cities. Today they are coming for the middle classes and rural folk. The very same politicians they have naively put their trust in for so long have stabbed them in the back.

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