20 French Generals Warn Of Coming Race War

french generals warn of race war

Main Image: French politicians are now at war with the military.

20 high ranking French military officials and 1,000 other military figures have released an explosive protest letter against the government demanding action against the rising crime of immigrant gangs, terrorism, American-style anti-white political activism, and no-go zones.

The letter, written by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a retired captain, said France was being destroyed by immigrant Muslim “hordes” from the suburban housing estates that ring the cities.

The letter was published on April 21st and signed by former chief of the elite French Foreign Legion, General Christian Piquemal, along with 19 others of similar rank. General Piquemal is known for his patriotic and anti-immigrant activism over the years. General Piquemal was arrested for being present at an unauthorised demonstration in Calais on 6 February 2016. He was acquitted.

General Piquemal being arrested on February 6 2016 in Calais
General Piquemal being arrested on February 6 2016 in Calais

The generals have gone as far as calling for military rule if President Macron fails to stop what they see as the ‘disintegration’ of France ‘at the hands of Islamists.’ The protest letter was sent following in the wake of yet another Islamic outrage with the killing of a policewoman on the outskirts of Paris last week.

Yellow Vest Protesters Brutalised By The Police

They contrasted the state’s total lack of interest in facing these challenges with the Macron regime’s brutal repression of the white populist Yellow Vest movement. Many native Frenchmen have expressed dismay over how the government handled George Floyd inspired riots in their country last year. The “Black Lives Matter” inspired rioters and looters were given carte blanche to commit crimes with virtual impunity.

The retired officers didn’t mince their words, saying that France is “disintegrating with the Islamists of the hordes of the banlieue (suburbs) who are detaching large parts of the nation and turning them into territory subject to dogmas contrary to our constitution.”

General Piquemal and others conclude their complaint by vowing that if the government remains negligent, the French military is ready to intervene if necessary on behalf of France’s civilizational values and the well-being of its citizens.

“There is no time to waffle, or tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos and the dead, for whom you will bear responsibility, will be counted in the thousands.”

The letter attacks anti-racist ideology as anti-white, saying that its advocates “despise our country, its traditions, its culture, and want to see it dissolve by taking away its past and its history. Thus they attack us, through statues, ancient military and civilian glories by analysing words that are centuries old.” By allowing these forces to advance, the letter promises that the end result will be a racial civil war.

That so many top army figures are willing to put their names to a statement like this spells trouble for French plutocracy. Macron and the French ruling class were barely able to hold off protests by rural Frenchmen in Paris, they will not be happy to learn that a military insurrection in the European Union’s leading state is on the table.

The French government has responded by announcing sanctions against all signatories in active service.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National, welcomed the generals’ letter. She runs against an increasingly unpopular and largely ineffective Emanuel Macron in next year’s presidential election.

General Piquemal
General Piquemal
General Christian Piquemal’s Military Career 1960 to 1999
  • Metropolitan infantryman: 15 years of Legion and 8 years of airborne troops, having served in the 2nd REP from 1963 to 1969 in Algeria (Bou Sfer) and Calvi and in the 9th RCP in Toulouse and New Caledonia.
  • Section chief and deputy officer in the 2nd REP 1963-1969.
  • Commander of the 3rd company of the 9th RCP Toulouse from 1974 to 1976.
  • Head of the radiological forecasting office in Mururoa and Villacoublay, at the Directorate of Nuclear Experimentation Centers, 1976-1980.
  • Second in command of the 4th Foreign Regiment, 1980-1982, in Castelnaudary.
  • Officer in charge of the Infantry Inspectorate, 1982-1985.
  • Corps commander of the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment in Kourou in Guyana, 1985-1987.
  • Professor at the War School, 1987-1988.
  • Trainee at the Center des Hautes Études Militaires (CHEM) in 1988-1989.
  • Member of the Prime Minister’s Office from 1989 to 1992.
  • Deputy general of operations at the military region of Marseille from 1992 to 1994.
  • General Commander of the Foreign Legion from 1994 to the end of 1999.
  • Missions in Bosnia (Sarajevo), Saudi Arabia and Chad.
  • Officer of the Legion of Honor.
  • Commander of the ONM.
  • Gold medal for Youth and Sports.
  • Commander of the Order of Malta.
  • Commander of the Order of the Comoros.
  • Legionnaire of Honor of the Spanish Legion.
  • Lieutenant General (2nd section).

UPDATE – 10 MAY 2021

French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter.

A new open letter has been published in France warning of the threat of civil war and claiming to have more than 130,000 signatures from the public. The message, published in a right-wing magazine, accuses the French government of granting “concessions” to Islamism.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin called the latest letter a “crude manoeuvre” and accused its anonymous signatories of lacking “courage”, it was reported.

Rather than the signatories of the two open letters ‘lacking courage’, we would suggest that it was the bourgeois career politicians who have ‘lacked courage’ in dealing with a situation created by themselves over the last 50 years.

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