And Still They Come – Invader Total Hits Record High

illegal immigrant breaks into lorry in calais

The number of economic migrants reaching our shores in 2021 is set to reach a shameful new high. The route of choice is by small boat or dinghy across the English Channel, although the Channel tunnel or ferry is still the preferred option for many.

More than 900 people have crossed the Channel in small boats over two days, the Home Office has confirmed. On Thursday 17th December 559 people were picked up off the Kent coast after making the crossing in 19 boats, and on Friday 358 people crossed in 10 boats. Over the two days the French authorities also stopped 564 people from setting off.

Almost 28,000 people have made the crossing in small boats so far this year, compared to 8,400 in 2020. Last month the Home Office admitted that only five people crossing the Channel on small boats had been returned to Europe this year.

The vast majority of these ‘refugees’ are young single men, not the women and children highlighted by the liberal media. They will all need to be found accommodation and eventually jobs. They will receive free handouts of money and food, plus they will be given new mobile phones (although from the videos of them arriving on our shores, most seem to have smartphones with a contract already).

Portuguese Trucker Dies In “Brawl” With Migrants In Calais

While at a rest area at a service station in Pas-de-Calais, the driver discovered three men hidden in his trailer. These three men thought it clever to hide in a lorry trailer as thousands of others have done in recent years.

The 48-year-old driver tried to stop them and was “attacked with a blow to the head”. Investigators have been told by the co-driver, also a Portuguese national, that he was punched by one of many migrants after he ordered them to get away from his truck.

Le Figaro has also reported on the incident, but suggests the blow to the head may not have caused the driver’s death. He appears to have died from a heart attack shortly afterwards. The paper describes him as someone who “suffered from (being) overweight”.

Whatever the cause of death, it seems clear the driver would not have died if he hadn’t discovered the men trying to board his vehicle and been attacked by them.

This isn’t the first death caused by migrants trying to enter the UK illegally through Calais. In 2017, a Polish van driver was killed after migrants put tree trunks on the road to slow down drivers in an attempt sneak on to their lorries. Nine Eritrean nationals were later arrested over the incident. In the same year, a migrant struck a lorry driver on the head with a brick as others hijacked his vehicle.

We do not expect the British government or their French counterparts to stop this situation any time soon. Both see immigration as a good and necessary thing and would prefer to just turn a blind eye to it – except this time the British public is outraged over the issue and are demanding action.

The British Movement will also continue campaigning on this issue in the coming months.

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