Bolton: One Town – Two Different Worlds

Drag Queen Story Hour bolton

Police were called to Bolton town centre last Wednesday (17th), as the Drag Queen Story Hour continued on its nationwide indoctrination tour, and all at taxpayer’s expense.

A group of protesters gathered outside the Albert Halls where they accused parents attending the performance of allowing their children to be groomed by a paedophile. A group of the usual counter-protestors were also outside of the venue, ‘defending’ the event.

Protests also took place outside of the Bolton Museum and Library and a fight broke out between protestors, which the police’s tactical aid unit broke up. The protesters also shouted abuse at a reporter from the Bolton News – not surprising as this rag is firmly on the side of the Drag Queen Story Hour.

According to the paper “People visiting Bolton said they had been left upset by the actions of the protestors.” Yeah right. So the people visiting Bolton were unconcerned that a homosexual drag queen who posts disgusting filth on social media is now indoctrinating impressionable young children about ‘diversity’.

Interviewing one of the ‘visitors’ to Bolton, the newspaper quoted him as saying “This protest today is just ridiculous, this is no different to what is happening in the library to what happens on stage in pantomimes.”

“I am very proud Bolton went ahead with the event. The fact that it sold out shows that Bolton does not care what bigots think and show that we are not putting up with your hatred.”

Bolton RUFC Welcomes Children Targeted By The Mafia

In direct contrast to the degeneracy of the Drag Queen Story Hour, Bolton Rugby Club stretched out the hand of friendship to young Sicilian rugby players who have been targeted by a well-known criminal organisation.

The club read about the children’s plight in The Times newspaper. The children are from a small club called Briganti, based in Librino, Sicily. The rugby club was formed to stop youngsters being drawn into organised crime gangs in the same way that boxing clubs have helped prevent children slipping into delinquency and crime in this country.

The club hasn’t had it easy. Their clubhouse and team bus has been attacked, with reports suggesting it was done by the ‘mob’. The club is based in an area where poverty and deprivation are the norm, with considerable levels of organised crime.

More than 50 young people from Sicily arrived in Bolton, which for most will be their first trip outside of Italy.

Mark Brocklehurst, Chair of Bolton Rugby Club is quoted as saying: “When we read about the circumstances that Briganti have had to face and continue to face on a daily basis, we knew that we had to reach out and offer our help.

“The rugby family stretches far and wide and we know ourselves how much of a positive influence being part of a team provides youngsters.

“The prospect of the Briganti boys and girls coming to the North-West and to England, the home of Rugby, is just a fantastic opportunity for all.

“It is very exciting, and we are looking forward to hosting them and to arrange more visits in the future.”

During their 5-day trip the Bolton Rugby Club have arranged for the children to have a training session with Sale Sharks at their Carrington site and a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. On Saturday the trip will finish with a special family fun day which also celebrates Bolton Rugby Club’s 150-year anniversary.

What a difference: degeneracy, grooming and indoctrination on display in the ‘Drag Hour’ events. Kindness, compassion and helping our European brothers on the other. I know which represents what we are fighting for…

More than 50 young people from Sicily arrived in Bolton as guests of Bolton Rugby Club.

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