Bradford – Taking ‘Horseplay’ To A Whole New Level

taking horseplay to a whole new level

A pervert has been jailed after he crept into a field in the dead of night and had sex with a pony. He had made several previous visits to reconnoitre the field and brought food to gain the trust of the pony.

Abdul Ghani, 52, of Beamsley Road, Frizinghall, Bradford, pleaded guilty to having intercourse with an animal in September 2018, after reconnoitring the field in the Bradford area where the Shetland Pony and other horses were kept. Ghani’s DNA was found at the scene, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Jailing him for ten months, Judge Andrew Hatton said: “Owners of horses and ponies are entitled to feel their animals are safe from people like you. The message must go out that this sort of grossly unnatural behaviour will not be considered for suspended sentences of imprisonment.”

After Ghani’s arrest the police found 993 internet searches on his phone about sex acts with animals, especially horses. Judge Hatton said it wasn’t an isolated act, it was ‘a well-planned and deliberate descent into bestiality.” Ghani had denied the offence up until the day of his trial although the evidence against him was overwhelming.

The pony’s owners, a mother and daughter, became concerned about things found in the horses’ field shelter. There was a till receipt, a torch, a cucumber, a scrubbing brush and a bag of carrots. Just what the cucumber and scrubbing brush was for is not reported, but we think we can guess.

A month later they found the pony’s tail had hairs out of place, there was tape on it and a greasy substance on her back end. Black tape and bandage were found nearby and a lump of sugar, not something the owners said they would feed to their horses. They reported it to the police and the pony was examined by a vet. The DNA found was a match for Ghani.

A police patrol in the area then saw a blue Toyota Yaris parked near the field. Inside the vehicle was a large cucumber, baby oil and a bag of carrots. A black rucksack found in the field was found to contain apples and carrots, biscuits, rope and silver tape.

Ghani said that he ‘loved the wild’ and would often go out at night to watch owls and foxes. When asked what the rope was for, he explained that it was to hoist himself up into trees to look at owls. He made no comment when told that his DNA had been found.

Mr Turner conceded there was ‘little positive’ to be said about the offence except that the pony wasn’t injured. He had seven previous convictions for 17 offences, mainly relating to drink, drug and driving offences, Mr Collins said.

The prosecution asked for compensation of £110 for the vet bill and a Criminal Behaviour Order banning Ghani from entering the land where the horses lived, or any other land where horses, ponies and donkeys were kept.

Although there had been a delay to sentence, Ghani could have been dealt with 18 months ago if he had pleaded guilty. He was also banned from driving for two years and five months and Judge Hatton made the Criminal Behaviour Order and the compensation order. Ghani must sign on the sex offender register for ten years.

Jonathan Turner, Ghani’s barrister, said his client was overwhelmingly ashamed and embarrassed. Ghani was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he visited the field he said. He had committed the offence because of them. He had been seen by a psychiatrist who did not find him to be mentally ill.

Mr Turner said that having sex with horses was not a fantasy for Ghani, just strange behaviour. He had spoken of feeling he was like something in a dream. No doubt the poor pony thought it was in a nightmare.

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