Care Home Staff Sacked – Replace Them With Africans!

care home workers

It has been reported that Johnson and his cronies are considering abandoning their threat to fire any NHS staff who have not had their first Covid vaccination by next Thursday, the 3rd Feb. Nationally, the threat would have decimated the NHS. Reports suggest up to 80,000 unvaccinated NHS staff in England would have been sacked.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said the policy is “under review”. Pressed on whether that meant the government was considering scrapping the plan he added: “We’re reflecting on it because we do have to accept that the virus has changed.”

Pity the poor, underpaid care home workers’ who have had no such reprieve. Nationally, some estimates say 50-60,000 workers have been sacked due to not having the vaccine by the deadline, while care homes were short of 100,000 staff even before the pandemic.

Private companies now own and run 84% of beds in care homes in England used by older people, as local councils have almost totally withdrawn from a key area of social care they used to dominate. The carers are usually paid the minimum wage, work shifts, and do a job that most of us would find too depressing and stressful.

Many of our care homes charge anything from £700 per week upwards, with care homes that provide nursing care much, much more. Nursing care homes take residents who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. No wonder greedy corporations have jumped on the care bandwagon.

Unfortunately, the huge amounts of money paid by the residents, many who have had to sell their homes to pay for care, did not filter down to the staff in the shape of higher wages.

The true face of the Conservative Party – Uncaring, multi-racial and profit driven.

The Government has announced that thousands of additional care workers are to be recruited from abroad to fill chronic gaps in the workforce, after figures showed more than ‘50,000 social care staff had left the sector in the past six months’ (sacked).

Immigration rules will be relaxed for care workers, care assistants and home care workers, who will be added to the Home Office’s shortage occupation list.

The Department of Health and Social Care said the pandemic had brought unprecedented challenges. The change follows a recommendation from the Migration Advisory Committee, which said there were “severe and increasing difficulties faced by the care sector”.

Health workers (who work in hospitals, not care homes) who arrive on a 12-month health and care visa must receive an annual salary of at least £20,480 to qualify, with the measures expected to come into effect early next year. They will be entitled to bring dependants, including a partner and children.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, said the sector was “experiencing unprecedented challenges prompted by the pandemic”, adding: “The changes we’ve made to the health and care visa will bolster the workforce and help alleviate some of the pressures currently being experienced.”

If you’re from Nigeria and you want to work in the UK as a Healthcare Assistant, you don’t necessarily need loads of qualifications because most of the care giving jobs come with on-the-job training and close supervision.

Requirements T0 Come To Britain As A Care Home Assistant…

You have an added advantage if you have any of the following:

  1. Care Certificate (can be gotten from HEE – Health Education England approved training organization in the UK).
  2. Diploma in Health and Social Care.
  3. GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) at grades 9-4 (A to C).
  4. WAEC or SSCE can serve as equivalent Healthcare qualifications.

Apart from the above listed items that some employers expect, there are no mandatory requirements for a Healthcare Assistant position.


To work in the UK as a Nigerian, you definitely need a visa. From the various types of visas available. The best visa for this role is the “Health and Care Worker visa”, under the skilled worker visa, which was formerly categorised as Tier 2 visa.

A Health and Care Worker visa permits medical professionals to go to or stay within the UK to work in adult social care, with the NHS or an NHS supplier.

The Home Office also announced that a visa scheme to allow seasonal horticultural workers to come to the UK would continue until the end of 2024, but the government added it wanted to see a new plan from the sector to cut the reliance on foreign labour.

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