The Daily Mail And Britains No-Go Areas

among the mosques

On 4 June 2021 the Daily Mail Online published an article that really put the cat among the pigeons. The main theme was the self-segregation on racial grounds of Britain’s large muslim population. But we are not supposed to speak about this and just go on pretending everything is rosy in the multi-cultural garden.

The Mail reviewed a book by Ed Husain which is due to be published next week. it gave the author’s findings after he visited mosques across Britain in his quest to find out how the muslim ‘community’ is integrating with the indigenous people. He also quoted the feelings of White people in the affected areas, and gives voice to how they perceive the situation.

We should remember too that when it comes to race, the feelings of an individual are taken into account ie; ‘I felt he was being racist to me officer – because of my colour’. And if that happens, unfortunately it’s a case of ‘Do not pass Go and do not collect £200, Go straight to jail’.

Husain who grew up in a Bangladeshi family in Tower Hamlets, East London, admits that he was ‘radicalised in his youth and trained for Jihad by the same people as Omar Khyam, leader of the Bluewater bombers’. Nice man.

The author did his research at inner city mosques when Friday prayers were taking place. Although not exactly scientific, this ‘turning up unannounced’ method probably gave a more honest and factual reflection of the opinions and views of each congregation.

His research also included talking to local businesses (including taxi drivers) and local people – ‘with white people in towns across the country admitting there are ‘no-go areas’ where they fear being physically attacked’.

His modus operandi and findings (according to the Mail) was summed up in the following bullet-points:

  • Visited places of worship across UK for Among the Mosques
  • Turned up unannounced to the largest weekly gathering, Friday prayers.
  • Spoke to taxi drivers, business owners, Imams and worshipers about religion.
  • Islam in Britain is dominated by ultra-orthodox sect promoted by the Deobandis.
  • Control over half of Britain’s mosques, and gave birth to Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • One person described ‘Bolton, Dewsbury and Blackburn’ as ‘different universe’.
  • Books for sale detail how women should be banned from leaving the house.
  • Mosque in Didsbury, in converted church, has a sign for the ‘Sharia Department’.
  • White men revealed ‘no-go areas’ in Blackburn where they would be ‘jumped’.
  • A White woman in Bradford predicts it will become ‘an apartheid city’ in 30 years.

The book goes on to describe areas like Bolton, Dewsbury and Blackburn as ‘a different universe’, while he observes that in parts of the cities he has visited: ‘A Muslim can spend months with no contact whatsoever with mainstream ‘white’ Britain’.

Elsewhere, Muslim parents in Bradford have banned their children from taking part in drama, theatre and dance classes as well as drawing, in echoes of rules implemented by the Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Syria. They are ‘physically in Britain but mentally living elsewhere,’ said Husain.

Husain, who is now a Professor in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, has a BA in history from the University of North London, and later completed an MA in Middle Eastern studies at SAOS, University of London.

Among The Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain by Ed Husain is available in hardcover on June 10th. It is available to preorder now priced at £13.66 from Amazon UK.


Whilst the findings of the research come as no surprise, the woke brigade and those who choose to turn a blind-eye to anything negative about immigration and its knock-on effects were suitably outraged. En mass they took to Twitter and Facebook to attack the findings, the paper and the books author.

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