Darlington – Drug Dealer Hid Heroin Stash In A Dog-Kennel

Drug Dealer Hid Heroin Stash In A Dog-Kennel

Another story about the ‘cultural enrichment’ of a northern town by a member of the ethnic minorities.

At Teesside Crown Court on August 12th 2022, Amar Majid (33) was sentenced to 40 months imprisonment for possession of a controlled Class A drug (heroin) and involvement in an illegal drug network.

This is a bizarre story, because Amar Majid claimed the drugs, found in a dog kennel, were not his, he had no calls relating to drug dealing on his mobile phone, and was only ‘warehousing’ the stash of heroin for someone else. But refused to say who that
was, he said, out of fear. Even after he was found guilty and sentenced, he refused to name the alleged ‘real owner’ of the heroin.

According to the court report in The Northern Echo, the case began in October 2021 when the police raided the property in Mossbank Grove, Darlington and searched the gardens at the rear of the property where Amar Majid kept his dogs. Majid actually lives in Middlesborough, but he claimed that he was at the property in Darlington visiting his girlfriend.

During the police search, officers noted that Amar Majid was nervous and agitated, especially when the search moved outside to the rear of the property.

A quick search of the dog-kennel turned up a bag containing 1.5 kg of Heroin. The 1.5 kg bag was examined by police forensics and found to be 14 percent pure and the base value was about £40,000 but had a street value, when cut of £167,000.

Note to readers of this article in the North-East, have you ever wondered where the local ‘smack-heads’ get their supplies of drugs from? Looks like Mr Amar Majid might be able to answer that question.

Further to being sentenced to 40 months for his part in this illegal drug network, this model citizen was also facing charges for driving whilst disqualified, and had charges for handling stolen goods, relating to an Audi A3 found outside the property
left on record.

Amar Majid, a model citizen and business entrepreneur for both Middlesborough and Darlington, and of course helping to ‘culturally enrich’ Teesside.

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