Death Threat Tory Appears In Court In Leeds

Leeds Magistrates’ Court

A failed Conservative local election candidate from Leeds was convicted of sending a childish death threat on Twitter to Tottenham MP David Lammy, using the pseudonym Mikolaos Nichaloliakos.

Glenn Broadbent, 62, of Lower Wortley in Leeds, has been a member of the Conservative Party for over 40-years. In that period, he had stood 12-times for election, and each time had failed in his bid to win a seat on the local council.

Desperately trying to paint Broadbent as ‘far right’, the local media spoke of him ‘tweeting far right racist abuse’ at Labour’s shadow foreign secretary. Broadbent, a spokesman for his local branch of the party, tweeted “Are you hanging from a tree monkey boy? You will hang from a lamppost if you are not careful.”

Appearing at Leeds Magistrates’ Court, Broadbent pleaded guilty to sending by public communication network an offensive/indecent/obscene/menacing message or matter.

He was given a 12-week suspended jail sentence and ordered to pay a £2000 fine as well as a victim services surcharge of £128 and costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The court also placed a restraining order on the defendant, warning that Broadbent is prohibited from contacting Lammy directly or indirectly, including by social media. This order lasts until May 23, 2027.

Reacting to the conviction, the Bilderberg MP said: “Pleased to report a vile racist who sent me this death threat using a pseudonym has finally been convicted, given a suspended sentence and fined thanks to @WestYorksPolice.

“The far right will never silence me or stop me standing up for justice.”

Broadbent’s offending tweet.

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