Economic Decline And The Coming Storm

Economic Decline And The Coming Storm

In our post “The Spectre Of Weimar Hanging Over Europe” updated in October last year, we stated that the coming economic recession could be worse than that which decimated Europe, and Germany in particular, in the 1920s.

That economic collapse created the conditions that saw the centre ground of politics collapse and the rise and eventual success of National Socialism.

Our post quoted Dr Antony Mueller, a German University Professor of Economics who stated that the coming crisis had the potential to be worse than the 1920s in that it would be the small family businesses’ that would be hardest hit. He argued that the recent pandemic was being used by the globalist elite to destroy small business and hasten a new world order.

Today the Bank of England has raised interest rates by 0.5% to a 27 year high in order to ‘curb spending’, and therefore inflation. The current rate of inflation is 9.4% and the UK is about to enter a ‘deep and protracted’ recession which will only begin to ease in 2024.

These predictions are based on a false assumption. It is not consumer spending that has led to the latest rampant rise in inflation. On the contrary, consumers are raining in their spending, with the rising cost of living (food, energy and petrol in particular) forcing people to cut back.

If cash-strapped workers demand higher pay rises to keep up with the ever-increasing price hikes, who can blame them? The forecast is that inflation could peak at 13% by the end of the year (the highest for 42 years) and be between 15-17% by next spring. In real terms that means that the average workers’ wage would fall by a record 2.5% this year alone.

This ‘crisis’ has been created by the global energy producers, those multi billion-pound companies who pocket eye-watering sums of money every quarter. Added to that is the Russian embargo on gas supplies and the shortage of food stuffs produced by the vast prairies of Ukraine, and you have the perfect storm. It is they who are causing the rise in inflation, and it is us who will suffer for their greed.

Whilst the interest rate rises and ever spiralling inflation will undoubtably cause ordinary people suffering, the same instability and uncertainty will increasingly force our people to look for alternative solutions to the globalist tory/lib/lab clones who offer nothing except more of the same. Stir into this mix the racial powder keg that is modern Britain and the future looks very different than it was only a few years ago.

The coming crisis will offer the greatest opportunity to further the cause of racial Nationalism and National Socialism in a long time. British Movement, the oldest, continuously operating racial Nationalist organisation in Britain, with its increasing multi-media and tech capability, will be at the forefront of the coming struggle.

Our young folk will increasingly be looking for an alternative to the old-gang traitors. We must be ready to fill that void.

The post “The Spectre Of Weimar Hanging Over Europe” can be read in full here:

Britain is plunging into a ‘deep and long recession’.

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