Football Coach Sacked For Pro-Family Comments

hertha berlin coach sacked

An interview with the newspaper “Magyar Nemzet” cost the Hungarian goalkeeping coach from Hertha BSC, Zsolt Petry, his job. The 54-year-old was critical of the issue of migration.

In addition, Petry had criticised the gay propaganda of the RB Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi. After expected protests from homosexuals, Petry backed down. But it was in vain: Hertha BSC dismissed the Hungarian just one day later.

Petry made a number of controversial statements regarding fellow Hungarian and RB Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi’s outspoken support for LGBT rights. The 54-year-old also criticised Europe’s immigration policy, calling it a “manifestation of moral decline.”

What did Petry say that was so controversial?

In an interview with the Hungarian outlet Magyar Nemzet, Petry said of goalkeeper Gulacsi: “The majority of Hungarian society does not agree with Peter Gulacsi’s liberal opinion on rainbow families. “As an athlete, I would focus on football in his place and not formulate any position on public, social policy issues.

The BM and probably a majority of White Europe totally agrees with the coach in his comments about the moral decline of Europe and the need to protect the traditional family unit consisting of a man, woman and their children.

“I do not know what might have caused Peter to stand up for people with homosexual, transvestite, and other gender identities. I certainly would not have stirred up tempers if I were in his place.”

On immigration, Petry added: “I do not even understand how Europe can morally sink as deeply as it is now. Immigration policy for me is a manifestation of moral decline. Europe is a Christian continent. I am reluctant to watch the moral degradation sweeping across the continent.”

“If you don’t think immigration is good because Europe has been swarmed by a bunch of criminals, then they accuse you of being racist.”

Shock Horror – he said what?

The Bundesliga side reacted swiftly, saying in a statement on Tuesday: “Following several remarks made by goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry in an interview that the club was initially unaware of with Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet, and after intense internal discussions and consultations, the Hertha BSC board has decided to relieve Zsolt Petry of his duties with immediate effect.

“Hertha BSC signed the Diversity Charter for German companies and actively promote values such as diversity and tolerance, because these values are important to us. The remarks made by Zsolt Petry as a club employee in the public eye do not respect these values.”

Apparently Petry did not expect his interview in Hungary to get through to Germany. Petry was absolutely right when he stated that criticism of migration is punishable by repressive measures in Germany.

hertha berlin coach sacked
Hertha Berlin football club homosexuals
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