God Save the Queen?

god save the queen

A British Movement response to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The British monarchy is a cornerstone of the traditions of the United Kingdom, but the monarchy is also an area of British political life that is long overdue a major overhaul.

The House of Windsor reflected Queen Elizabeth’s personal mission to maintain the status and position of the monarchy in British society and at times she struggled to hold off direct threats to the Crown’s authority and especially royal privileges.

Often shrouded in secrecy the actual wealth of the House of Windsor has always been hidden from the public and equally secretly any new laws or legislation being introduced by government has been ‘adjusted’ in order not to subject royal estates, royal possessions and especially royal finances from both scrutiny or enforcement.

All too often the Royal family are exempt from environment protection laws, wildlife protection laws, taxation laws, inheritance laws, the laws governing the publication of wills, and many pieces of legislation concerning the rights of tenants in properties ‘owned’ by Crown estates.

Now with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II the people and politics of the United Kingdom faces a period of unknown consequences. The new king, Charles the Third is well known for his ‘woke’ attitudes, his affection for ‘Green-Eco’ causes, (but not those that might interfere with his lifestyle), and his longstanding love of multiculturalism.

Add to this the fact that Charles has attended and spoken at meetings of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as an enthusiastic supporter of WEF policies, including the plans for the Great Reset, and Britain faces an uncertain future under the new monarch.

Did anyone mention the former Prince of Wales friendship with Jimmy Saville? The new King is also a longstanding Free Mason, with some very powerful connections in those circles.

Finally there is the thorny question of the late Queen’s stubborn defence of her favourite son, Prince Andrew and her private arrangement to fund the estimated £12 million payoff of the lawsuit against him in the Epstein connected case. Prince Andrew was also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, another situation that the House of Windsor closed ranks around.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of the so-called ‘New Elizabethan era’, as British National Socialists we can only watch with trepidation the path that the new monarch will try to steer Great Britain.

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