Hatred, Lies, Cover Ups And Crocodile Tears

telford grooming gang inquiry

White privilege? What they really think of White working-class children.

Another day and another shameful report into the crimes of the Pakistani grooming gangs who seem to operate with virtual impunity. This time it was in Telford, a Shropshire town of 170,000 people. Telford lies about 28 miles from England’s second city, Birmingham.

The latest report (12/07/2022) deals with the failings of the very people who should have protected these vulnerable children and reveals that over 1000 girls had been abused in the town. The rapes and abuse had been well known to the authorities going back to the 1970s.

The report tells how children had been passed down to the family members of the groomers over the years. The only thing that changed was the ‘gifts’ given to the abused girls over the decades. In the seventies it was sweets in corner shops but four decades later it had progressed to mobiles phones and top-up cards.

These paedophiles, who regarded their female victims as ‘slags’ and ‘white trash’, have been allowed to get away with their abuse only because our cowardly police, the local authorities, social workers and the media were terrified of being called ‘racist’ if they spoke out. Instead they simply branded these children as ‘prostitutes and liars’.

Gang leader Mohammed Sultan admitted sex with a 13-year-old and another teenage girl, and controlling a third girl as a child prostitute.

Why aren’t they being prosecuted for negligence? Why weren’t they sacked? How can they look at their own children and grandchildren without feeling contempt for themselves? No doubt many of these cowardly enablers have retired early so as not to lose their pensions.

Once again those with power and influence, including our wonderful politically correct police, are wringing their hands and shedding crocodile tears over the white working-class children who have been raped, drugged, abused and passed-around like pieces of meat. Sorry, but this doesn’t wash with us. We don’t believe you or your tears. The only thing you are sorry about is that you have been found out.

There must be a national public inquiry into the whole grooming scandal and the way the police, local authorities and social workers lied and covered it up. Those who knew what was happening but turned a blind eye must be exposed, and if necessary, prosecuted so that it never happens again.

Tom Crowther QC, who led the Independent Inquiry into Telford Child Sexual Exploitation.

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