Islamists Flex Their Muscle Across the North of England

The Lady of Heaven protests

In a post yesterday we reported on the protests against the showing of the film ‘The Lady Of Heaven’ at a number of cinema’s across our region. This follow-up is the official British Movement response.

Cinema chain Cineworld has now been forced to halt screenings of “The Lady of Heaven” across certain towns and cities of Northern England as Muslims protest outside cinemas.

The film represents a Shia Muslim interpretation of history, with depictions of the Prophet Mohammed as a real person, which is forbidden to Sunnis but allowed by Shias and therefore Sunni Muslims are calling it ‘sectarian’. In the UK the majority of Muslims are of the Sunni branch of Islam.

Over the weekend, in Bolton a mob of over 100 men responded to a call from the Bolton Council of Mosques to protest and force cancellation of the film it considered to be “sectarian” and therefore, “blasphemous in nature to the Muslim community”.

This statement of course ignores the opinions of Shia Muslims, which is a bit like the Catholic Church condemning a film that offends Catholics as offending all Christian factions.

All across the Bank Holiday weekend, from Friday through to Monday, there have been crowds of mostly ‘Pakistani-origin’ Muslim protestors outside cinemas in Bolton, Blackburn, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield.

One British Islamist social media site has said, “the film Lady of Heaven is pure unadulterated sectarian filth,” obviously some followers of a ‘religion of peace’ are a little less tolerant of religious freedom of expression.

The entertainment group Cineworld issued a statement saying that it had taken the decision to cancel all showings of the film in order to “ensure the safety of our staff and customers”.

Apparently the ‘mostly peaceful protestors are not beyond threatening cinema staff and have been verbally abusive to people they think are entering cinemas with the intention of watching the film they consider to be ‘blasphemous’. Someone needs to remind these bearded religious zealots that the United Kingdom is not an Islamic caliphate and there is a legal right to religious freedom of thought here.

At the time of writing, there have been protests in other urban centres in England where there are sizeable immigrant Muslim colonies.

On Sunday June 5th 2022, while the bulk of the majority British population were either enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend or were celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, more than 200 Muslim men were gathered outside Cineworld in Birmingham to try to halt the screening of what they described as a “sectarian hate film”. Who exactly was acting in a ‘sectarian hate fashion’ we wonder?

Meanwhile the Vue cinema chain plans to continue to screen the film in London and South-east England, but there are angry voices being raised in Pakistani and Bengali colonies in east London and pressure might be brought on Vue cinemas.

So far 117,000 signatures have been raised to a petition to have the film, “The Lady of Heaven” removed from all cinemas in the United Kingdom, even in areas where there are no Muslim communities.

British Movement believes that this demonstration of overt Islamist interference is just another example of a vocal immigrant minority forcing change on the majority White British population.

Our original post on the Muslim protests can be viewed here:

Protests outside Cineworld.

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