Leicester – The Reality Of Diversity


Although the city of Leicester does not fall within the remit of this website, the deafening silence that greeted the news of the inter-communal violence that took place had to be addressed. Only in the last 48 hours has the MSM been forced to report on the riotng that still continues as we publish this post.

The fanatics who control the media only like to showcase good news about how diversity is making Britain stronger. In the real-world Britain is segregated, divided and torn by inter-racial tensions.

The latest trouble started after the 28 August India-Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup T20. India won with two balls remaining. According to videos doing the round on social media, fans wearing a Team India jersey were walking on the road shouting “Pakistan Murbabad”. Murbabad is used by Pakistanis and Indians meaning ‘down with’ or ‘death to’. The tension between those two countries has now transferred onto the streets of a British city.

The tension escalated over the last weekend with the alleged vandalism of a temple. On Sunday, Leicester Police wrote on Twitter, “Parts of East Leicester experienced serious disorder yesterday evening (Saturday, 17 September) into this morning (Sunday) when large crowds formed after groups of young men began an unplanned protest.”

According to the police, two men have been arrested one on “suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder”, and the other on “suspicion of possession of a bladed article”. Calling for calm, it warned, “We will not tolerate violence or disorder in our city.”

Diversity in action.

After supporters of India gathered in Leicester’s Belgrave neighbourhood to celebrate the victory, violence broke out. It all started when a man’s T-shirt was torn off as others were seen punching him. Predictably, the Muslim ‘community’ has accused a group of Hindu men of taking part in an impromptu march and smashing glass bottles. Since this first instance of violence, Leicester has been on the edge.

Drishti Mae, 31, a lifelong Leicester resident who used to chair a national Hindu organisation said “It’s the Hindu community that’s being targeted, a first-generation migrant community.” She said that Hindu families were being harassed by some Muslims in the city.

Majid Freeman was on the street and he alleged that the Hindu mob was “coming past our mosques, taunting the community and physically beating people up randomly”. He said that the Muslims were responding to the impromptu march. “We can’t trust the police, we’re going to defend our community ourselves,” he said.

Some Muslims blame the recent breakdown in community cohesion on the rise of Hindutva, a Hindu nationalist and religious extremism movement in India.

Leaders of the Hindu and Jain temples in Leicester said that they were working with the police to get to the bottom of Saturday’s march. “Leaders of the Hindu community are not going to tolerate such acts of aggression that undermines the relationships and unity within this city of Leicester,” they said in a statement.

Leicestershire Police have so far made 47 arrests in relation to violence which broke out last weekend, mainly in the Belgrave and Spinney Hills areas in the north and east of the city.

Offences have included men possessing weapons, assault and violent disorder. Police said they faced “significant aggression” as they attempted to keep the peace on Saturday night, the Chief Constable said, and 25 officers and a police dog were injured.

In a rare display of honesty, the BBC called it a “large-scale disaster.” Apart from this small exception to the blanket-ban on coverage of the rioting, you would be lucky to find any reporting by any other MSM outlet. The death of the Queen has been used to ‘bury’ any news that was inconvenient.

Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK – the majority of the population is white British, but only just, atjust over 50 per cent, according to the 2011 census.

The results of the 2021 census are due to be published soon and are likely to show significant change.

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