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knife crime in liverpool

The Ava White murder trial and a week of murder investigations.

The Ava White murder trial concluded on May 24th 2022 at Liverpool Crown Court with a guilty verdict for her 14-year-old murderer.

Ava White was just 12-years-old when she was stabbed in the neck on November 25th 2021. She was with a group of friends in Liverpool city centre, waiting for the city Christmas lights to be switched on. Ava and her friends were in a boisterous mood, dancing about, taking ‘selfies’ and in general high spirits.

At about 10.15pm the noisy group were told to move on by security staff at the Royal Court Theatre, so they moved a short distance into Richmond Street where they came into contact with a group of older teenagers. The boys were masked up and acting ‘tough’, they started filming Ava and her friends on their mobile phones, which she objected to and confronted them.

As Ava shouted at the boys to stop filming her, one of them stepped forward, drew a knife from the waistband of his trousers and stabbed her in the neck. The 12 year old screamed to her friends that she had been stabbed and collapsed at the entrance to School Street, staff from nearby shops tried
to help her, but she died in the ambulance on her way to hospital.

Meanwhile her attacker wandered off with his friends and was heard boasting of what he had done. He was later arrested by police and repeatedly lied about where he had been, what he was doing that night and refused to believe the CCTV footage of him stabbing Ava White.

The details of the 14-year-old killer have been kept secret, and his ethnic origins have not been disclosed, but he was arrested in Toxteth, which given its population breakdown gives a strong suspicion that he was non-white. Certain other details about how he and his friends were dressed also hint at him being of an ethnic minority or mixed-race background.

12-year-old Ava White who was murdered in Liverpool city centre.

Meanwhile, in the first full week of May 2022, there were four murders in just one week in Liverpool; Lorraine Cullen, age 43, a mother of four was stabbed to death in Huyton, she died of multiple stab wounds; in Fazakerly a man was found dead after being pushed out of an upstairs window; in Birkenhead a woman was found dead in her home, murdered; and a man was killed in Tuebrook, another possible stabbing. Details of these other murders are unclear at this time.

How far down the road to social disorder has Liverpool gone? Is the degeneration of British society now so bad that killings, especially stabbings, are now common place on the streets of Liverpool?

Knife crime and stabbings are already a major in London, and according to reports from the West Midlands, knife crimes are rapidly getting out of control in Birmingham, and it looks like Liverpool is quickly catching up.

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