Local ‘Youths’ To Blame For Paris Trouble

liverpool fans blamed

Main Image: Not a red shirt to be seen. Immigrant youth outside the Stade de France football stadium.

The sun was out, spirits were high and the streets were a sea of red Liverpool shirts. The Scousers had arrived in Paris and were preparing to watch their team play in another Champions League final. The fans were celebrating, optimistic that their team could beat Real Madrid. The atmosphere between the rival fans was good natured.

And then came the night. As kick-off came closer, Liverpool fans, many of whom had been queuing outside of the stadium for hours, were infiltrated by ‘local youths’ attempting to force their way into the ground. This is likely why the French authorities then closed some gates to Liverpool supporters with tickets. This in turn led to the police attacking everyone who had been peacefully queuing with stinging pepper spray and batons.

Naturally upset with losing their place in the queue, many waved their tickets in the air to show that they were true supporters. But it was to no avail. While the ‘local youths’ disappeared, the enraged police vented their anger on the hated English football fans.

Video footage and news reports from outside the stadium did indeed show innocent football fans, the vast majority quietly waiting their turn to be let in, being attacked and driven away from the entrances to the ground. Young children, women, disabled fans and elderly match-goers were all caught up in the turmoil and suffered the effects of the choking gas. Those same ‘local youths’ were also the ones pickpocketing, stealing genuine tickets and mobile phones.

To their credit, not everyone fell into the trap of blaming the Liverpool fans. French politician Samuel Lafont (head of Zemmour’s digital team) took to Twitter and posted a video, clearly showing local gangs trying to force entry to the Stade de France, saying: “The Macron government is lying to you.”

The reaction on Twitter.

In another online video, BBC News journalist Nick Parrot explains: “I came across this issue repeatedly as I tried to access the stadium last night. Locals trying to force their way in leading to security closing the gates and keeping out legitimate fans with tickets. Police either didn’t know how to deal with it or didn’t want to.”

Robbie Fowler, the former Liverpool player, spent most of the first half outside. His son, Jacob, and brother Scott were among those caught up in the carnage.

A Spanish journalist told French outlet FSdescouche: “I attended many Champions League finals. What happens at the Stade de France, I had never seen that. There are groups of French people around the stadium who attack and steal the fans.”

There was little or no trouble inside the ground, but outside the ground after the match, the nightmare was about to restart for the Liverpool fans.

Once again, the police tear-gassed some supporters when leaving the stadium, but were nowhere to be seen as local youths attacked and mugged supporters on their way to the trains and Metro.

“There were gangs roaming around outside, looking to mug and attack Liverpool fans,” says one eye-witness. “We saw one lad have his watch robbed then my brother, who was a minute or so behind me, started shouting that someone had taken his phone and his money.

“A few of them managed to catch the lad, but then four or five others came from nowhere. My brother had his face slashed, his mate had his head cut open, and another lad was bottled.

“They walked to the police station and were basically told they weren’t interested. ‘Go to the hospital’ was the gist of it.

“When they got to the hospital, there was a fella in there who had been hit by a metro train when running away from someone with a knife, there were loads who’d been beaten up or hit with bottles. It was grim.”

Liverpool FC “have officially requested a formal investigation into the causes of these unacceptable issues.” Don’t waste your time. British Movement can tell you what happened. Gangs of 2nd generation immigrants from the Banlieues of Paris, decided to storm the ground for fun, whilst after the match the same gangs decided to attack and rob the departing football fans. The French police, wary of tangling with these feral gangs of immigrants, decided to pay the English back for past insults.

And to think it is only 77 years since the Wehrmacht controlled these streets, streets that are now controlled by gangs of ‘local youths’, unable or unwilling to be absorbed or integrated into the wider society.

French riot police make sure that the Liverpool fans don’t enjoy themselves.

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