Manchester City Centre Anti-Deportation Rally

Anti-Deportation to Rwanda Protests in Manchester

Anti-Deportation to Rwanda Protests Draw Out All the Usual Reds, Liberals, non-whites and Fellow-travellers.

Saturday June 11th 2022 and the usual collection of protestors and left-wing campaigners gathered in St. Peter’s Square before shambling off through central Manchester to a rally in Piccadilly Gardens.

A report in the Guardian, (where else?) described the protest march as being composed of “charities, campaign groups and religious organisations”, as well as representatives from “Manchester’s Iranian, Iraqi and West African communities”.

Leaving aside the fact that British Movement objects to there being Iranian, Iraqi and West African communities settled in Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK come to that, a quick look at the so-called “charities and campaign groups” noisily protesting in Manchester on Saturday tells its own story.

Listed here in no particular order of importance, the bulk of the anti-Rwanda deportations protest was made up of the following; Stand Up to Racism, Care4Calais, Amnesty UK, the People’s Assembly, Status Now, Safety4Sisters (whatever that might mean), the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) of course, the Stop Deportations Now group, the Manchester Iranian Socialist Group and somewhat bizarrely, the Campaign Against Climate

Together with a motley sprinkling of clergy from churches and other religious organisations, the protestors walked down Oxford Road and Portland Street before halting on the tram tracks to ‘take the knee’ BLM style.

Then it was on to Piccadilly Gardens, banging drums, waving placards, shouting through loud-hailers, and most important for any leftist demonstration, chanting; “Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here”.

It might surprise the marchers to hear that a sizeable majority of the White British population does not agree. As well as the usual array of placards, posters and banners printed, purchased and provided to the demonstrators by the SWP and Stand Up to Racism, there were any number of homemade placards, one in particular caught this observer’s eye, in bold block letters on a flattened cardboard box, held up to the cameras by an elderly lady, who looked as if she was Jewish, (might be wrong but ……).

Her placard said, “Cattle trucks to Auschwitz – Planes to Rwanda – Racism + Barbarism = Fascism”. At the rally in Piccadilly Gardens, an assembly of assorted speakers made their case; one campaigner stated that, “there are 6,500 people in Manchester’s asylum system”, and demanded ‘justice’ for these asylum-seekers. The obvious question is, what exactly does he mean by ‘justice’?

Those 6,500 people currently being housed at tax-payer’s expense in Manchester obviously arrived in the UK illegally, therefore justice for such law-breakers should mean deportation.

A more sinister and threatening speech was made by a man described as a ‘Syrian refugee’ who told the crowd that the threat of deportations to Rwanda made him, “too enraged to moderate his language or calm down”, and “Anger and civil disobedience are sometimes the only way to change things.” He should go back to Syria and try that and see how much change he can make.

At the end of the afternoon, all the social justice warriors had gone from the city centre and no doubt the organisers felt that another revolutionary blow had been struck in the name of anti-racism.

Such a pity that these enthusiasts for a multi-racial and multicultural Britain do not consider the opinions of the White British majority who do not want their country changing into a multi-ethnic society.

And a final thought:

There must be some short memories amongst the protestors here, after all it was a former asylum-seeker who detonated a bomb at the Manchester Arena just a couple of years ago.

A dyed-in-the-wool Marxist or just a cosmopolitan old fool?

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