Manchester Ukrainian Demo

manchester ukrainian demos

Every week since the Russian tanks rolled across the border and into the Ukraine the Manchester Ukrainian community have been holding city centre rallies. As a National Socialist concerned for the white race I have attended a number of these events.

There is usually around fifty in attendance and the majority of those are Ukrainian woman and mothers with children.

The key people are mainly women and with this there’s a strong ladies touch to the rallies, and after each speech there is a song sung by a young Ukrainian girl of about ten years old.

Unfortunately there is a very pro-war feel to those whom attend the rallies, and the speeches have expressed a hatred of Russia. This is not surprising and is understandable, but I cannot support this aspect of the demonstration because of the great tragedy of another brother’s war.

Again members of the white race are killing each other and thousands of fine men from both sides lay dead on the battlefields.

Our rulers only seem to encourage war and we see the vandalism of Ukraine, the killing of many of our kind and the growing hatred of Russian and its people. There is also a banning of Russians travelling west and of Russians athletics taking part in sporting events.

Readers will remember when Trump banned Muslims from entering the United States there was uproar. No condemnation of ethnic prejudice now as long as it’s against Russians.

As you are reading this you will be pleased to learn that Manchester British Movement are putting together aid boxes of items to support Ukrainian woman and children who unlike the vast majority of migrants are genuine refugees.

The weekly pro-Ukrainian demonstration in Manchester.

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