Manchester Under National Socialism


While at work I had to visit a very enriched part of south Manchester. It felt like I was in a foreign city, the vast majority of the people were none-white and each shop sold foreign goods, be it food or Islamic art and the smell and accents around me were like something from the middle east.

Later that day while enjoying a well-deserved mug of coffee I began to wonder just what would a National Socialist government look like?

Not only would our land be white but our people would be better cared for. Gone would be the plague of drug abuse and those unhealthy-looking white addicts would be strong men and woman doing worthwhile work for our race.

Gone would be the gay rainbow flags so many major companies use in advertising. Our streets would be clean and very importantly British workers would be supported.

An example of how capitalism treats our workers was with the retail outlet Next. The company earlier this year got a new multimillion pound payroll system which led to a string of pay issues.

Many of its 40,000 plus workforce were wrongly paid and in many cases not paid at all. These workers were left struggling for months. This despite Next making a pre-tax profit of £823 million.

A National Socialist government would work for the benefit of our race and nation. These workers would have received full financial support, something hard to imagine under the greedy profit-making capitalist system which see’s mass immigration as simply more customers and more profits to be made.

A British Movement government would give us a new Britain, one of racial pride and common purpose, where real refugees such as those woman and children from the war battered Ukraine would find kindness, respect and a society that valued their white children.

How different life would be under National Socialism. As National Socialists we should always take pride in our righteous cause and push on with promoting British Movement.

From a Manchester National Socialist.

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