Multi-Cultural Madness in Blackburn

blackburn tory candidate

Blackburn Conservative Association has given its support to a Conservative Party council candidate, a Muslim woman, who intends to wear the niquab, full face veil, during her election campaign in May, and on all her election literature.

The 36-year- old mother of four children, Fajila Patel, is standing as a Conservative Party candidate for the Bastwell and Daisyfield ward in the May elections for Blackburn with Darwen.

The local Conservative Association fully supports her decision to wear a full niquab for all her election photographs and has stated that it does so even if it upsets voters!

In a bizarre statement to the local news media, Fajila Patel said that by standing as a Muslim woman candidate she wants to demonstrate to all communities what Muslim women can achieve, and she wants to break down barriers. Which is a little bit strange in that she also repeated the statement that she intends to wear her face-covering veil at all times, “even if it upsets some voters”!

This is yet another example of a non-White, Asian Muslim imposing the values of her community on the majority White British community. Rather than conform to British electoral norms, where voters are presented with a candidate they can easily identify, the voters for the Bastwell and Daisyfield ward are presented with an unidentifiable individual.

This small example of multiculturalism over-riding established British political practice is yet another glimpse of the Great Replacement taking hold in the United Kingdom. Blackburn is considered to be a town with a greater level of non-white colonisation than other towns in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

The 2011 census gave the population of Blackburn with Darwen as being 62.7% White British, 34.3% Asian and the remainder roughly 3% being Black or mixed-race. This demographic has shifted over the last decade and the non-white population of Blackburn is thought to be increasing while the White British population is falling, although some wards for Blackburn with Darwen remain over 85% White.

Exactly what the Blackburn Conservative Association hope to achieve by supporting Fajila Patel’s overt Muslim cultural stance towards all Blackburn’s voters is undeclared, but “even if it upsets some voters”, is evidence enough that diversity and multiculturalism is of greater importance.

Fajila Patel, is standing as a Conservative Party candidate for the Bastwell and Daisyfield ward in the May elections.

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  1. Total hypocrite. She says she is offended by Johnson’s reference to ‘letter boxes’. If she is so offended why is she standing for a party that is ‘allegedly Anti Islam.

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