Multi-Culturalism Is A “Sickness”

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Ever wondered how the West, with its obsession with ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’, is regarded by our rivals abroad? In particularly communist China, even though that country is a brutal one-party state that imprisons its critics and enforces repressive laws on its own population.

Even though capitalists are supposed to hate everything that communism stands for, western businessmen are willing to turn a blind eye in the hope of making a quick buck off the sweat of the Chinese workers.

First, virulent racism and eugenics heavily inform Chinese perceptions of the world. United States decision-makers must recognise that China is a racist state, much closer to Nazi Germany than to the values upheld in the West.

The Strategic Consequences Of Chinese Racism

Capitalism has always worked with and supported Communism. The selfish drive for easy money has led the greedy to put profit before principles. During Margaret Thatchers reign, the over-whelming desire was to destroy the power of the unions, particularly the National Union of Mineworkers. Their leader, the Marxist Arthur Scargill, was enemy number one.

When the NUM’s leadership decided to call a national strike to protest against threatened pit closures, she was ready for them. She lied about not closing pits, whilst in the meantime building up stockpiles of coal from Communist Poland. Once again we had capitalism working hand-in-hand with communism to defeat the workers.

Today, western capitalists have taken advantage of China’s exploitation of its workforce to flood our markets with everything from cheap throwaway goods to 5G technology and thermal imaging equipment. Never mind the quality or the security implications, think of the profit.

And now we know what the nice Chinese really think about us and our multi-cultural Shangri-la. A once-secret US Department Of Defense draft report has been leaked onto the internet under Freedom Of Information laws and describes China’s attitude to the West’s obsession with ‘racism’.

The 254-page study was prepared for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment and was commissioned by its director, the late Andrew Marshall. Someone redacted the author’s name but at one time he was a professor in Missouri State University’s Department of Defense and Strategic Studies.

Entitled The Strategic Consequences Of Chinese Racism: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States, it was first submitted on 7 January 2013. The study explores the causes of Chinese racism, the strategic consequences of Chinese racism, and how the United States may use this situation to advance its interests in international politics.

It states that China regards multi-culturalism as a sickness that has overtaken the West. From the perspective of the Chinese, the United States used to be a strong society that the Chinese respected when it was uni-cultural, defined by the centrality of AngloProtestant culture at the core of American national identity.

The report concludes that “as lamentable as it is, Chinese racism helps to make the Chinese a formidable adversary. There are three critical consequences that result from this. The first is the sense of unity the Chinese possess. Second, it allows the Chinese to have a strong sense of identity, which in turn permits them to weather adversity, and to be focused and secure confidence that the rest of the nation is with them. Third, China is not plagued by self-doubt or guilt about its past“.

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