Nearly One In Three Births To Foreign-Born Mothers

Nearly One In Three Births To Foreign-Born Mothers

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that last year 179,726, or 28.8 percent of births were to foreign-born women. 445,055 babies born last year were to UK-born women. This figure includes second-generation immigrants and other non-indigenous women with British passports who have given birth.

The most common country of origin for non-UK-born mothers was Romania, while for non-UK-born fathers, Pakistan topped the list. Albanians made it into the top ten list of mothers for the first-time last year with more than 3,000 babies, despite official figures putting the Albanian population of the UK at less than 50,000. It was revealed this week that 4 out of 10 illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel from France are Albanians.

Since 2002. the UK’s population has grown by 8 million, with 80 percent of that figure related to immigration. The ONS indicates that as of 2020, 14.3 percent of the UK’s 66.3 million people were foreigners, with 6 million of them believed to be from non-EU countries.

The mass invasion of our land over the last 20 years has led to the current crisis in the NHS with long waiting lists for operations and consultations. NHS Dentistry is particularly hard-hit, with 95 percent of NHS dentists unable to take on any new patients. The demand for housing has pushed rents and house prices up, and led to an erosion of green space as greedy builders, supported by sympathetic planners, allow developments on green field sites.

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