North Yorks MP Goes From ‘Dishy’ To ‘Fishy’ Overnight

rishi sunak

He was once the golden boy of the Conservative Party who was destined to become leader. After winning a safe Conservative seat in rural Yorkshire, Rishie Sunak was even called ‘The Maharajah of the Yorkshire Dales’.

The media love affair with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishie Sunak, has this week hit a rocky patch. Revelations about his wife’s financial affairs, her non-dom* status and his United States green card, has cast a dark cloud over this rising star.

The Conservatives, who have always put clinging to power before principle, love an immigrant who has done well, all the while looking down their noses at the white working class. The eldest son of Indian immigrants, Sunak attended the elite Winchester College and later graduated from Oxford.

His father-in-law, Narayana Murthy, handed out leaflets for him when he ran for the safe conservative seat of Richmond, which he inherited from the tory clown William Hague. When he won, the local papers sickeningly dubbed him ‘The Maharajah of the Yorkshire Dales’.

A week is a long time in politics or so they say. Last week he was being touted as the next leader of the Conservative Party, this week his public ratings have plummeted and his judgement is being questioned. There is even talk of him resigning after his furniture was seen being removed from Downing Street.

But even if his wife has done nothing technically illegal, these revelations come at a time when we are all facing fuel and food price rises, rising inflation, interest rates going up, and a hike in National Insurance. All this has left a bad taste and certainly damaged his reputation.

So who is Rishie Sunak and his non-dom wife Akshata Murty? In a Parliament of multi-millionaires, he is said to be the richest sitting MP, worth a reported £200 million. Between them they own 4 homes worth an estimated £15 million, while she is sitting on a fortune of £690 million. To put it into perspective, the Queen is said to be worth ‘only’ £365 million. This is the same Chancellor who took £20 a week off the poorest people in society when he withdrew the Universal Credit top-up.

Sunak and wife.

Sunak met his future wife when they were both studying at Stanford University in the United States. They married in 2009, in a two-day ceremony. Murty’s father founded an IT firm called Infosys, in which she holds an estimated £690m in shares. Her father is said to be the 6th richest man in India.

The couple spend most of their time staying in a flat above 10 Downing Street that comes with his job. In his rural Richmond constituency, Sunak owns a grade II-listed Georgian mansion in the village of Kirby Sigston, estimated to be worth over £2 million. They also own a penthouse in Los Angles overlooking the beach where Baywatch was filmed.

His wife is the daughter of an Indian billionaire, and despite living here for the past 9 years, by claiming non-domicile status, has avoided paying tax on the £11.5 million she collects in dividends for the overseas IT fortune. It is estimated she has avoided paying up to £20 million in taxes in that period.

The UK’s tax rules are set by Murty’s husband, which only makes her avoidance of UK tax all the more distasteful. It has now also been revealed that he carried on holding an American green card for 19 months after he became chancellor. This allowed him to live and work in the US.

Sunak and friend. Is that Jimmy Kranky?

Sunak has raised the tax burden on taxpayers to its highest level since the 1940s. The Resolution Foundation thinktank suggested that his package of measures would push 1.3 million people, including 500,000 children, into poverty.

Sunak worked as an analyst for Goldman Sachs between 2001 and 2004 and then worked for the hedge fund management firm The Children’s Investment Fund Management, becoming a partner in Sept 2006.

Hedge funds, though legal, can ‘profit from situations that have negative financial consequences for people less fortunate than yourself’. I other words, buy a struggling company cheap, shut it down and lay the workers off. Then sell the assets off for a profit. Legal, but morally wrong.

Most establishment commentators agree that individuals who have made their fortune from the capitalist system are the type of people we need in parliament. I disagree. People who make vast amounts from the system tend to be greedy, selfish, self-obsessed individuals with a high opinion of themselves and tend to look down on everyone else. These are exactly the type of people we do not want representing us.

We can all sit back and enjoy watching these mega-rich traitors squirm under the spotlight. And if the pompous clown who doesn’t know what a comb is goes too, all the better.

*Non-domicile. A way of avoiding paying tax in your host country on earnings from abroad if a person was born abroad. It can also be claimed if that person’s parents are from another country. Other people claiming non-dom status include Sajid Javid, Roman Abramovich and Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of England.

And finally……

in 2020, Sunak was voted Britain’s sexiest MP, narrowly pipping Keir Starmer to the post. The mind boggles.

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