Oldham – Another Grooming Gang Scandal

Oldham Grooming Gang Scandal

Another Grooming Gang Scandal as Northern England Faces the Ongoing Poisonous Effects of Multiculturalism.

The publication of a report on grooming gangs operating in Oldham has heavily criticised the lack of action by Oldham Council services and Greater Manchester Police.

Originally commissioned in 2019 by Oldham Council in the fall out from the earlier grooming gang trials of offenders in Rochdale and other towns around Greater Manchester, the report published this week makes grim reading. The report acknowledges that a “structural flaw existed in the multi-agency system” in Oldham.

As was the case in Rochdale, Rotherham, Bradford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and a number of other northern towns where the cancer of grooming gangs has taken root, these are local authorities controlled by the Labour Party.

In particular the report confirms that in Oldham, council child welfare services were concerned about the evidence of grooming gangs operating through Asian (mostly Pakistani) owned and operated taxi firms and Shisha bars. The report confirms that children, usually vulnerable White girls, were being groomed and that children as young as 13 or 14 years of age, were known to be sexually exploited in shisha bars in 2011.

The police ignored some of the reports and did nothing, one 12-year-old girl was raped multiple times by Asian men in just one day and police refused to believe her. The report accepts this case and states that the girl was severely let down by GM Police and Oldham Council.

The worst part of the report gives the example of Sabir Ahmed, who was identified as one of the leaders of the biggest grooming gang in nearby Rochdale. Sabir Ahmed lived in Rochdale, but then moved to live in Oldham and between 1998 and 2006 was employed by Oldham Council as a welfare officer. During this period, Sabir Ahmed came to work at the Oldham Pakistani Community Centre and was registered as a member of Oldham Labour Party.

Then as the story of the grooming gangs in Rochdale broke in the news and finally GM Police began to arrest a network of suspects, Sabir Ahmed was arrested but had not yet gone to trial. In internal reports at the time, he was referred to as “Offender A”, and the new report states that, “At the end of September 2008 the Probation Service notified Oldham Council that ‘Offender A’ had been charged with sexual assault.

No action was taken by Oldham Council in regard to this information or made any liaison with GM Police. Sabir Ahmed continued to work as a welfare officer for Oldham Council until he was convicted at trial, even though he had been charged with sexual offences and was now on the list of those involved in the Rochdale grooming gangs.

Sabir Ahmed, Oldham Council welfare officer, grooming gang leader and Labour Party member.

Left-wing commentators agonise over the grooming gang scandals, their pro-feminist credentials urge them to defend vulnerable girls and women from male sexual predators but the shocking reality that Asian Muslim men, or as the mainstream media prefers to label them, “men of British-Pakistani heritage” are responsible throws the leftists and liberals a real problem.

So outraged liberal journalists denounce all male sexual predators, and decry those that point out the blindingly obvious facts that the predators are Asian Muslims, usually from Pakistani immigrant communities, and the victims are under age White working-class British girls, are indulging in “divisive racism” or “racial stereo-typing”.

This was exactly the case this week on a GB News television discussion where a White ‘socialist’ female journalist accused a male journalist of “race-baiting” because he focussed on the ethnic background of both rapists and their victims.

An interesting insight is provided in the report where it states, “Throughout this period concerns on the part of both the council and the police that high-profile convictions of predominantly Pakistani offenders across the country could be capitalised on by a Far-Right agenda and lead to the victimisation of the Pakistani community.”

So it is clear that Labour Party controlled councils like Oldham and the police were more concerned about preventing a ‘Far-Right’ agenda exploiting the ethnic origins of the grooming gangs and protecting the Pakistani community than letting the truth be known to the general public.

The report concluded by saying that “police and local councils in Oldham failed to protect some children from grooming and sexual exploitation.” But the report is quick to say, “there was no evidence of a cover up by the authorities.”

Given that the report was commissioned by Oldham Council, it is hardly surprising that it concludes that there was ‘no cover up’, but BM Northern region leaves its readers and supporters to draw their own conclusions.

Oldham Council Apologises For Failings

Crocodile tears: Oldham Council leader apologises to child sexual exploitation victims.

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