Oldham Grooming Gangs Cover-Up Turns To Anger

oldham cover up anger

The Mayor of Manchester and failed Labour-leadership contender Andy Burnham was booed by protesters at the first public meeting since the release of a damning Oldham child sex abuse report. This website carried an article on the Oldham report on the 23rd June here >>

The council chamber was packed with angry members of the public who filled the public gallery with a spill-over into another room. Some of them carried signs that said ‘cover up’ and ‘how many children’.

Members of the public carried signs demanding no ‘cover up’

When the Oldham council leader Amanda Chadderton entered the chamber, she was booed and the protesters turned their backs in a show of contempt. Greater Manchester Mayor Burnham was also booed on arrival, and the officials were heckled continuously during the following four hours.

The agenda of the meeting was changed in order to allow residents’ questions to be put to a panel made up of council leader Amanda Chadderton, Mayor Burnham, Oldham’s director of children’s services Gerard Jones, and Chief Superintendent Chris Bowen, the police district commander for Oldham.

35 questions which had been pre-submitted were put to these ‘representatives of the people’. However, many of the answers were almost drowned out by the shouts from the gallery, with many residents calling for resignations and branding responses ‘lies’.

A member of the public, Debbie Barratt-Cole, asked Coun Chadderton directly: “Who will be held accountable for the travesty happening in our town? “And explain why anyone should believe anything you say any more from this council.”

She also called for a government-led ‘public criminal investigation for the children of our town’. The BM and every other decent person would second that.

Protesters at a full EGM of Oldham Council, where the conclusions of the investigation into Child Sexual Abuse in was being discussed.

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