Oldham Mill Fire Media Cover Up

Oldham Mill Fire Media Cover Up

OLDHAMBismarck House mill, four dead Vietnamese found in the ruins. What are the mainstream media trying to cover up?

The original fire that destroyed Bismarck House mill started on the night of May 7th 2022, the blaze was so intense that it took the Fire Services a full four days to put the fire out. At the time of the fire the authorities issued a statement to say that nobody had been injured and that the fire on the industrial estate had occurred without anyone being on site. The unsafe condition of the burned-out building was such that no detailed exploration of the ruins took place.

On Saturday July 23rd 2022, the demolition teams began work on site and the remains of the dead were discovered, but the number of dead was not confirmed until the end of July. Initially Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were very cautious about releasing any details of potential victims, but a week later admitted that GMP had been contacted as early as July 21st regarding Vietnamese nationals who were believed to be ‘missing persons’ in the Oldham area.

On August 4th the four dead were identified as; Cuong Van Chu (39), Uoc Van Nguyen (31), Duong Van Nguyen (29) and Nam Thanh Le (21). All had been in regular contact with family members back in Vietnam until May 7th.

However, the exact immigration status of these men has not yet been established, however at least one of the older men is believed to have been in the UK for over a year. Strange that their immigration status is not recorded and it is noticed that their families knew that they were in the UK, living and ‘working’. So were these four men illegal immigrants?

Why are the authorities and the media still hiding behind claims that they are unclear as to how these men entered the UK? The mainstream media only appear to be interested in whether or not these men were the ‘victims’ of people traffickers, the notion that these were probably illegal, economic migrants is being skirted around by left-wing journalists.

Plus, the subject of illegal immigration is ‘politically sensitive; in Oldham, the town has been the target for immigrants since the beginning of the 1960’s and has an uneasy history of racial tensions, so the council and GMP prefer not to draw too much attention to immigration status in Oldham.

Data available for the last couple of years show that in 2019 over 2,000 adult migrants arrived in Oldham, during the lockdown months of 2020 a further 580 adults arrived in spite of the lockdown restrictions. Figures for 2021 have not been made clear yet and of course the number of illegal immigrants in the town is a complete unknown.

Was this an illegal cannabis farm?

All the indications and leaks to the press suggest that these men were working in an illegal cannabis farm in Bismarck House Mill. One witness who worked on the industrial estate confirmed that in December 2021 rubbish bags full of debris from a cannabis farm had been dumped in skips on a business park just a few streets away.

It is interesting to note that Nam Thanh Le had communicated with his family in Vietnam to tell them that not only was he in the UK, but that he was “living in a derelict house and looking for work” in a place he called “Dam”. Given his poor language skills in English, this has been taken to be his version of ‘Oldham’. The reference to a derelict house is thought to refer to the old mill building.

The illegal importation of adults from Vietnam into the UK is not new, and there are many recorded cases of Vietnamese nationals being smuggled into Britain; the men, and sometimes young boys are brought in to run illegal cannabis farms; young women and girls are brought in to work in nail bars and massage parlours, or straight into prostitution.

Yet another series of toxic by-products of illegal immigration.

Was this an illegal cannabis farm?

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