P&O Ferries: The Mass Sacking Of Staff Hits Hull And Liverpool

P&O Ferries in Hull

A classic example of a foreign owned international company showing a total disregard for British workers.

Two Northern ports have been hit hard by the mass sackings, Hull and Liverpool, while on the south coast Dover and Larne in Northern Ireland have also suffered. A classic example of globalism in action.

P&O Ferries suddenly sacked 800 staff on Thursday March 17th 2022, the largest numbers being laid off are in Hull and Liverpool.

In Hull the sacked ferry staff initially refused to leave the vessels, but were warned that if they failed to comply with company instructions it could threaten their severance payments.

According to some reports, ferry staff were ordered off the ships by private security teams from the Interforce company, masked up to conceal their identities and equipped with handcuffs to restrain any P&O workers who tried to resist their removal from their work stations.

How legal this threat of force and the use of handcuffs was is yet to be established, but the action bore more resemblance to the actions taken in some Third World ‘Banana republic’ than in long established British ports.

Meanwhile replacement crews of so-called ‘agency workers’ were sitting on coaches waiting to take over, according to some reports these agency workers had been flown in from South America, many from Colombia, and other crews agency were expected to be recruited from various Third World countries. The foreign agency workers are of course much cheaper to employ and in the long run can be regularly replaced by other migrant labour.

P&O Ferries is often thought of as a ‘British’ company, and although P&O is listed in London, P&O was bought for £3.3 billion in 2006, by DP World, an international financial operation, which is based in the Gulf States.

DP World is a global operation, the parent company is Dubai Ports Limited, based at the huge Jebel Ali port, which has the largest artificial harbour in the world. DP world is owned by Dubai’s ruling family, and the company CEO is Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, and operates 70 ports worldwide.

Some of the long serving British P&O staff laid off at UK ports might be re-hired under new ‘flexible’ contracts, but at lower wages, part of the so-called ‘fire and re-hire’ strategy, being adopted by major corporations. However most will stay sacked and cheaper migrant agency workers will take over ferries sailing out of Hull and Liverpool.

The company DP has yet to make good on unpaid monies into the Merchant Navy Ratings pension funds, apparently a short fall of a mere £146 million, so P&O maritime staff pensions are looking less than secure. Not that this will bother the company owners sitting securely in Dubai.

This is how globalism works, a small example of the ‘Great Reset’ in operation.

P&O showing a total disregard for British workers.
P&O showing a total disregard for British workers.

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