Private Equity Owners Rake In The Cash

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Our friends, the billionaire Issa brothers from Blackburn, have featured on this site before. They are in the news again as ASDA’s private equity owners claim to have made a 20-fold return on their investment in the supermarket after just 18 months.

London-based TDR Capital bought the business with the Blackburn born brothers in a £6.8bn takeover in 2020. It has been revealed that the buyers hardly put in any cash, choosing to fund the deal by loading ASDA with debt and selling off assets.

Now we learn that TDR Capital believes its stake in the supermarket is now worth 19.8 times its original investment. TDR Capital and the Issa brothers are also bidding for Boots (the chemist chain). It is time to stop private equity predators buying British firms looking for short-term profits.

The unacceptable face of capitalism – the billionaire Issa brothers.

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