Remembering Kriss Donald – 15th Anniversary Of His Murder

Remember Kriss Donald

Main Image – flowers mark the scene where 15-year-old Kriss Donald was abducted by a gang of five men in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Scottish 15-year-old white teenager was kidnapped and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by a gang of men of Pakistani origin, some of whom fled to Pakistan after the crime.

In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time…

On March 15, 2004, Kriss Donald, a 15-year-old boy, was abducted by an asian gang near to his Pollokshields home in relation to a nightclub attack the previous evening. The heinous, race-related murder which took place later that same evening was described by a judge as the ‘worst racial violence he’d ever seen’ at the subsequent trial.

“Plenty of cons think what he did to Kriss should happen to him. He’s a sick killer. He seems to think he’s done no wrong but he deserves to be punished.”

Inmate – Glenochi Prison

Following a gang-related nightclub attack the previous evening, Imran Shahid stole a silver Mercedes and went hunting his attackers with four fellow gang members: Zeeshan Shahid (his brother), Daanish Zahid (his cousin), Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq, and Zahid Mohammed.

Kriss had been heading out with his pal, Jamie Wallace, 20, to play computer games, and fitted the bill for no other reason than he was white and lived in McCulloch Street.

When Kriss and his friend, Jamie, were spotted, the gang said “They’ll do”, and ordered the car to be stopped. X and the others, including Zahid and Mohammed, jumped out and, as Jamie tried to defend himself and at the same time distract the attackers from his friend, Kriss was punched and kicked and bundled into the car. He was heard to plead with his captors: “Why me. I’m only 15.” Imran then forced the teenager into a rear footwell of the car and the gang drove off.

Kriss remained in this position for hours whilst the gang went on a two-hundred-mile drive, going as far as Motherwell and Dundee. During this time, they made phone calls to their criminal associates in search of an ideal place to take Kriss. But when no-one was willing to help, the gang returned to Glasgow after they were told about a a deserted walkway on the banks of the River Clyde.

The Murder

Before returning to the city, the Mercedes stopped at a petrol station and Zahid collected a can of petrol. At seven o’clock, he then returned home, as he had recently been given a curfew by the police for carrying a knife.

The other four criminals headed for the banks of the River Clyde. When they arrived, they dragged Kriss out of the car. Imran, Zeeshan, and Mohammed then stabbed the helpless teenager thirteen times, severing three arteries in the process. The gang then laid him out on a pile of logs, doused him with petrol, and set him on fire before racing away in the car.

As his attackers drove off, Kriss crawled towards the river, leaving a trail of burnt clothing and scorched grass. He collapsed inside a ditch and tried rolling in the mud to extinguish the flames. But his injuries were too severe and he died soon after.

The gang, meanwhile, had obtained another can of petrol from one of their regular drug dealers. They then drove the stolen Mercedes to a secluded location and set it ablaze.

The funeral of murdered Scottish teenager Kriss Donald
The funeral of murdered Scottish teenager Kriss Donald takes place at The Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, on April 30, 2004.

A pathologist said Kriss had suffered 13 stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. Dr Marjorie Black said burns covered 70% of his body. Forensic scientist Anne Ramage said she believed the 15-year-old was still alive as his body burned.

Daanish Zahid, Imran Shahid (known as Baldy), Zeeshan Shahid, and Mohammed Faisal Mustaq were later found guilty of racially motivated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. A fifth participant in the crime was convicted of racially motivated violence and jailed for five years.

Convicted killers Zeeshan Shahid (L), Imran Shahid (C) and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq
Convicted killers Zeeshan Shahid (L), Imran Shahid (C) and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq (R) leave an extradition hearing on August 26, 2005 in Islamabad Pakistan.

The case, which featured the first ever conviction for racially motivated murder in Scotland, is cited in two newspaper articles as an example of the lack of attention the media and society give to white sufferers of racist attacks compared to that given to ethnic minorities. 

Whilst the politicians, the controlled media, big business barons, the luvvies and ‘celebrities’ and all the other bleeding heart liberals cry over Stephen Lawrence, we will remember Kriss Donald, the innocent 15 year old boy tortured and brutally murdered for the ‘crime’ of being White and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rest In Peace Kriss. We will not forget.

Song: The Ballad Of Kriss Donald Blackout.

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  1. This was the worst racist murder in British history, yet the murder of Steven Lawrence is still making news on MSM
    With documentaries made and constant ramblings being made by the left.
    The media hardly mentioned this horrendous racist crime along with many racist murders of White people.

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