Riding Rough-Shod Over The People

nature reserve cleared of trees

Many posts on this site make reference to our ‘leaders’, be they local or national, ignoring the wishes of the majority and pandering to minority interests, be they capitalist or religious.

We have railed against government ripping up green field sites and ancient woodlands in order to make a fast buck. We are sure that many of the readers of this site will have noticed this destruction with increasing alarm.

“The countryside must be preserved under all circumstances, for it is and has forever been the source of strength and greatness of our people.”

“Our landscape is something unique that we cannot disturb and have no right to destroy. The more densely populated our ‘living space’ becomes with settlements, the greater our hunger will grow for unspoilt nature. The ever increasing spiritual damage caused by life within the big city will make this hunger practically uncontrollable… when we build here on this the landscape of our homeland we must be clear that we will protect its beauty; and in places where this beauty has already disappeared, we will reconstruct it.” Fritz Todt

Destruction Of Our Countryside In Burnley

Planning permission is being sought to build 122 new homes on greenfield land. If approved, the development would see the homes built on land just off Rossendale Road, Burnley.

Developers Seddon claim that the scheme will ‘deliver high quality residential development to the south west of the existing settlement area of Burnley’, and will comprise of a mix of two, three and four bedroom homes.

The land is already allocated for housing and is part of a wider area which is undergoing change to residential use, with applications on adjacent sites made by Barratt Homes and LNT Care Developments.

New Lancashire super mosque recommended for approval

At a planning committee meeting next week, councillors are being urged to approve plans for a new landmark mosque at a busy motorway junction.

The meeting, to be held by Preston City Council on February 3, will discuss the vacant land to the south of D’Urton Lane, Preston, and recommend approval for a new place of worship and associated parking facilities right next to junction 32 of the M6.

The recommendation for approval is to be subject to a Section 106 obligation being secured relating to the management of car parking on and around the site, and parking restrictions along D’Urton Lane should the proposed development result in overflow parking on D’Urton Lane.

The application site relates to an area of vacant grassland formerly occupied by the construction compound for the Broughton Bypass, extending to 0.89 hectares, at the western end of D’Urton Lane. The application site is located within the open countryside and sits in an elevated position.

At its meeting on July 8 last year, 2021 the planning committee decided to defer the application so that the applicant could submit further information which would address the insufficient car park management information. The application now seeks outline approval for access, appearance, layout and scale for the new mosque and associated parking facilities.

The proposed building is to be an oval shaped, three-storey building with a flat roof, including a minaret which will be formed from curved precast concrete panels clad in brickwork, and will have a maximum height of 12 metres and the minaret would have a height of 30 metres. The building is to have uniform, triangular glazing to the perimeter façade with a larger triangular opening in the north elevation to be used as the entrance to the place of worship.

A 30 metre minaret would be clearly visible for miles around and would represent the dominance and power of Islam to its followers..

Whether or not minarets are actually used to call the faithful to prayer, they remain potent symbols of Islam, and have sometimes been targeted accordingly. During the horrendous civil war in Kosovo, for example, Serbian forces regularly placed explosives inside minarets, not only destroying the towers but ensuring that they would collapse onto and damage the adjacent mosques. By this destruction, the Serbs hoped to erase what they saw as signs of centuries of Ottoman oppression.” The Minaret – A Symbol Of Faith & Power

When planning permission for the new mosque was first submitted, a number of objections were received by the council, including from Broughton Parish Council, Ben Wallace MP, and 427 letter of obection from neighbouring residents. However, more than 600 letters of support were received for the plans.

Lancashire super mosque.

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