Rome Pays Respects On The Passing Of A Comrade

Forza Nuova

The funeral of Alessia Augello, a female activist of the group Forza Nuova, was held at the church of Santa Lucia in Rome on Monday, January 10. During the procession, the Hakenkreuz flag was displayed on the coffin of the departed comrade. A video was posted on the site ‘Italian Open News’.

Vincenzo Nordulli, one of the leaders of Forza Nuova, also attended. Just before closing the coffin with the flag, a man shouted “Comrade Alicia Agello” to which everyone responded “Present!”, before giving the Roman salute. It was a fitting send off for a fellow comrade and a way of paying tribute to the dead fighter.

La Repubblica said comrade Augello, 44, died of deep vein thrombosis.

The coffin of comrade Alessia Augello being carried into the Santa Lucia church in the upmarket Prati neighbourhood.

Predictably, the media and left wing politicians exploded in outrage. The diocese of Rome confirmed the coffin had been draped in the Nazi (sic) flag, which it called a “horrendous symbol incompatible with Christianity”, adding that some of those present shouted and made gestures relating to “this extremist ideology”.

Forza Nuova was created in 1997 and grew into a national force in 2008. Its current leader, Roberto Fiore, a 62-year-old father to 11 children, was found guilty in the 1980s of subversive crime and founding a far-right armed political movement. La Repubblica said police had been present at the funeral and were investigating.

The Roman diocese condemned “radical ideological instrumentation.” In a statement, it condemned the incident as “offensive and unacceptable”.

Acceptable Extremism

Firstly let us state that it is not illegal to be ‘extreme’. History has shown time-and-time again that today’s ‘extreme’ is tomorrow’s mainstream.

In the early 20th century the forerunner’s of today’s Labour Party were considered extreme and dangerous by the ruling class. Now this wretched organisation, which is full of anti-British and anti-white marxists, is deemed to be respectable and middle-of-the-road. It has become part of the establishment.

The CPGB (Communist Party of Great Britain) exerted a significant indirect influence over Labour in the early 1980s. Its monthly theoretical review Marxism Today was widely read by the modernising wing of the Labour Party around Neil Kinnock. The CPGB took its orders directly from Moscow. Is that extreme?

Joan Maynard (1921 – 98), a former firebrand Labour MP and cabinet minister, was dubbed “Stalin’s Granny” owing to her extreme left-wing views. She was widely quoted in the mid 1970’s as saying “I look forward to a coffee coloured world”. Is that not extreme? That comment would be seen today as wrong in many ways. Was she attacked in the media for the comment? Was she subjected to police raids and arrests? Of course not.

That particular pleasure is reserved for Nationalists, such as the 16 year old schoolboy hunted down and taken out of his classroom during lessons last year for handing out leaflets stating the fact that by 2066 indigenous Britons will be in a minority in their own ancestral homelands (reported in the Times 2020).

So when the media, church, establishment politicians or the police speak of ‘extremism’, I’m afraid I can only think what a bunch of hypocrites they are.

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