Rotherham – Another Official Report Into A Grooming Gang Scandal

Rotherham - Another Official Report

Over 1,400 known victims but the Council and South Yorkshire Police walk away without charges.

Hard on the heels of the Oldham Council report into grooming gangs comes the official IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) report into the grooming gangs operating in the Rotherham area from 1997 to 2013.

A powerful and moving Nationalist video about the suffering inflicted on our children by the grooming gangs.

The parallels between the situation in Oldham and Rotherham are striking, stories of underage victims being disbelieved or ignored by the police and social workers. The victims repeated reports of disinterest and inaction by South Yorkshire Police tells a similar story to the Oldham, Rochdale and other grooming gang cases, and yet the IOPC does not consider that any former or serving police officers should
face any kind of prosecution or dismissal. A handful of still serving South Yorkshire Police officers have faced internal disciplinary measures, but this has been kept out of the public eye.

This IOPC report has taken six years to come to publication and has cost £6 million, and yet some older SYP officers named as under investigation were allowed to retire early in order to retain their police pensions in the event that they might face prosecution.

In Oldham the tired mantra of the liberals and political Left were trotted out, that the prosecution and conviction of large numbers of Pakistani or other Asian men could fuel a ‘Far-Right’ agenda. In the interests of ‘community cohesion’ and to ‘protect Pakistani communities from prejudice”. Add to that the genuine fear amongst some police officers and council officials that they would be labelled as ‘racist’ if they put the focus on Asian men raping White working-class girls.

Consider some of the statements in the report:

“One parent concerned about a missing daughter said they were told by an officer, ‘it was a ‘fashion accessory’ for girls in Rotherham to have an older Asian boyfriend’ and that she would grow out of it.” No mention of the fact that amongst some Pakistani men in Rotherham, including many who were married with children of their own, it was considered acceptable to have sex with under age White girls.

Also; “Not acting when an Asian adult criminal handed over a missing girl to them as part of a deal not to arrest him.” “Telling one girl’s father nothing could be done because of ‘racial tensions’ surrounding the investigation.” And incredibly: “Failing to safeguard a victim who was driven 180 miles to Bristol by two Asian men.” Was that not kidnapping and trafficking?

Two police officers were recorded as having gone to investigate a situation at a local hotel where they found an undressed Asian male in his twenties in a bedroom with a half-naked White 15-year-old girl hiding under the bed. The officers ignored the obvious sexual offences being committed and arrested the girl on drug possession charges, the Asian male was left at the hotel. “An unidentified officer told a survivor’s father that ‘she might learn her lesson’, after a suspected rape had happened.”

At no point did anyone in the police, council, social services or the justice system ever consider that the sexual abuse, rape and criminal exploitation of White girls and women was a ‘race hate’ crime, motivated by a racially motivated attitude by Asian Muslim men that White non-Muslim women and girls were just ‘meat’ to be expoilted.

It is a fact that in grooming gang cases across the UK, from Newcastle on Tyne to Oxford, at no point has the underlying hatred of the White British by the groomers been taken into consideration.

In reality this has been disregarded by the courts, even though in the Newcastle trials it was stated that one Asian rapist had described White girls as “meat” and in Rochdale and Dewsbury cases, Asian groomers did not consider that they had “done anything wrong” because the girls were non-Muslims.

The Jay Report in 2014 opened the door on the Rotherham situation and forced South Yorkshire Police to investigate and prosecute the grooming gangs in the town. But the new IOPC report has not impressed many of the victims and their families.

In a statement reflecting this, David Greenwood a solicitor representing 80 Rotherham CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) survivors said “it shows the British public the level of disregard shown by South Yorkshire Police to female victims of sexual exploitation, it explains that even by the pathetically low standards of the police service, it was ‘okay’ not to investigate these crimes properly, or at all, and it will demonstrate how the system of police complaints has provided zero accountability and needs reform.”

Just One Victim’s Story

Sammy Woodhouse is just one of the estimated 1,400 victims of the Rotherham grooming gangs, she waived her legal right to remain anonymous in order to highlight the huge injustice done to victims and their families.

The amazing fact in this situation is not just that no council officials or SY Police officers have faced charges, but that the mainstream media and the agencies involved appear to acknowledge that the problem of young White working-class girls being groomed and sexually exploited by Asian Muslim men is an ongoing problem. Despite the arrests, trials and convictions, the cancer in Rotherham continues to fester.

When she was just 14 years old Sammy Woodhouse was groomed, repeatedly raped and criminally exploited by one of the main grooming gang offenders in Rotherham, he was Arshid ‘Ash’ Hussain. Hussain treated Sammy Woodhouse as his personal property, threatening her parents and forcing her to commit criminal offences on his instructions. When she was just 15 years old Sammy became pregnant and had a child to Ashid Hussain.

About Ashid Hussain, Sammy Woodhouse said, “she was completely out of her depth as a teenager, and had no idea how dangerous Hussain would be” and “I was pretty much his sex-doll, he was an absolute monster.”

Eventually Hussain was prosecuted for a total of 23 offences, found guilty at trial in 2016, and convicted of sexual offences against a total of nine women and girls in Rotherham, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Ashid Hussain (left) and his brothers in a police mug-shot.

If South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham social services had done their statutory duty, them many of Ashid Hussain’s crimes might have been prevented, and he was just one member of the Rotherham grooming gangs.

The Rotherham IOPC report, coming so soon after the Oldham Council report makes grim reading for any ordinary White British person, for a British National Socialist or British racial Nationalist it makes a gut-wrenching confirmation of everything we believe is wrong with multiculturalism, with the multi-racial society and with the colonisation of many British towns and cities by non-white immigrants and their descendants.

The old-gang politicians of the British political system, the town and city councils they oversee all bear some of the guilt for Oldham, Rotherham and other grooming gang scandals.

Worst of all are the uniformed police, and the CID detectives who blindly follow orders, ignore crimes against our people, slavishly protect the system, even when they can see that things are wrong, just to build their police careers, promotions, and pensions. To ignore crimes against our communities but to take the system’s money and to follow politician’s directives and ignore the law. Taking ‘thirty pieces of silver’ but having no conscience.

One day they will have to answer and there will be no IOPC whitewash.

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