Rotherham Police Still Putting Political Correctness Before Child Safety

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Rotherham grooming scandal: Priti Patel says police must record ethnicity of child abuse suspects.

The Times newspaper recently published a shocking story of how the police in Rotherham and the surrounding districts are still refusing to record the ethnic background of child sex grooming gangs in the town. Despite the fact that most of the abuse was committed by men of Pakistani origin, and the fact that the vast majority of their victims were white children, the politically correct police leadership are still in denial.

Profiling of suspects goes on routinely in most investigations. If plod are looking for football hooligans, the targets would usually be white men aged 16 – 45 years. Computer hackers are usually geeky young men who spend hours alone on their computers and have few friends. Corporate fraud is most often committed by well-to-do middle aged businessmen and women, usually married with children.

Searching for a grey-haired granny in relation to football violence is obviously a waste time and money. In crimes involving the rape and abuse of young children by gangs of older men, it has been historically proven that the perpetrators, in the vast majority of cases, have been men of Pakistani origin. To pretend otherwise is criminal. It allows the peadophiles to continue their abuse and the suffering of our children to be prolonged.

The Times investigation found that:

“Police have been accused of failing the victims of grooming gangs after an investigation found that the force at the centre of the Rotherham scandal was still not recording the ethnicities of suspected child abusers.

A secret intelligence report showed that South Yorkshire police were disregarding basic details of child sex offenders nearly a decade after The Times revealed widespread abuse in the town, largely by men of Pakistani heritage.

In the 12 months to December 2019, officers in all four South Yorkshire police districts routinely failed to log the ethnicity of those suspected of sexually abusing minors. The highest failure rate was in the Rotherham district, where the ethnicity of 67 per cent of suspects went unrecorded.”

I Was Born In Britain…..

A powerful and moving Nationalist video about the suffering inflicted on our children by the grooming gangs.

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