Send Us Home, Beg Ungrateful Refugees In UK Hotels

afghans want to go home

Afghan families who were ‘rescued’ by Britain during the Taliban takeover of their country have asked to be sent back home. It seems that being safe from harm, put up in a smart hotel with on-suite facilities and three cooked meals a day, plus free spending money, just wasn’t enough for these sheep farmers.

The media, establishment politicians, assorted do-gooders, the extreme left, and a whole host of liberal race traitors bombarded our people with horror stories about what fate awaited the ‘brave Afghans’ who helped our soldiers in the fight against the Taliban. These reports put paid to that lie.

The fact that we shouldn’t have invaded the country in the first place is never mentioned. That these people are from a Third World country and wouldn’t be able to assimilate here was never mentioned. That these people have more in common with the Taliban than us was never mentioned. Well now the truth is coming out, and it hasn’t taken very long.

“We emigrated from Afghanistan during bombing and hardships, when Muslims were in trouble, now, praise be to Allah, the situation is normal, so we are returning to Afghanistan,” Molavi Shaib told AFP while waiting at the border.

France 24 website

Hundreds of refugees arrived in the UK as part of Operation Warm Welcome, the government’s resettlement programme, as British and American troops completed their withdrawal. But a lack of housing on offer with councils meant that many families had to be moved into hotels as emergency temporary accommodation.

While £400million in funding had been put forward for resettlement by September, Home Office officials admitted that some Afghans would have to be held in hotels for months. Now though, almost two months on from the capture of Kabul, the refugees have said they are sick of waiting for a permanent home.

One doctor, who has been working with the new arrivals told The Guardian newspaper: ‘I’ve had a few patients telling me they want to go home.’ He told the paper a 67-year-old patient had said: ‘I can’t take this any more. I have to get out of this [hotel] room.’ ‘Another said: “I just want my freedom from the hotel”.’ The doctor said that the man and wife were ‘so upset’ by the ordeal, that he had to put them both on medication.

Across the country, stories of ungrateful asylum seekers have emerged. Instead of thanking Britain for allowing them entry, putting them up in warm rooms and feeding them, they moan and demonstrate over the food and conditions. If they do not like where they are being housed (which many of our own homeless would think is heaven), let them go back to the squalor and vermin of Calais or the mud compounds of Afghanistan.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The UK’s biggest and fastest emergency evacuation in recent history helped over 15,000 people to safety, and hotels remain a temporary measure to help accommodate those we brought here. It is going to take time to find permanent homes for everyone but we are working urgently with our partners to do so.

“Our aim is to support everyone who is resettled here to build a successful life in the UK, and that is why we work around the clock to provide wrap-around support to families. This includes working closely with local authorities across the UK to ensure everyone temporarily accommodated in hotels has access to essential provisions, healthcare, education and universal credit.”

If proof were needed that the vast majority of these people are not refugees, but simply economic migrants and chancers out to get something for nothing, this is it. Any genuine refugee fearing persecution and death would be so thankful that they had reached safety that they certainly wouldn’t be making a fuss over the free food and lodgings they were receiving courtesy of the British taxpayer.

Stories like this, and our recent coverage of the situation in Scarborough, Wigan, Liverpool and elsewhere, can only help in the awakening of our people. The British Movement will do everything in our power to hasten that day.

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel. And until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

George Orwell, 1984

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