The Blackburn Jihadist


Shot dead at synagogue siege in the USA, but MI5 did not consider him a potential terrorist.

The mainstream media broke the news several days ago that the armed jihadist shot dead by police during a hostage situation at a synagogue in Colleyville, on the outskirts of Dallas,Texas, was actually from Blackburn, Lancashire.

The British-Pakistani heritage male, was named as 44 years old Malik Faisal Akram, who had travelled to the USA just two weeks ago and landed in New York, where it is belived that he bought a handgun and ammunition.

Akram then made his way to Dallas, Texas, where he entered a synagogue and took four hostages. For ten hours Akram staged a standoff with local law enforcement and made repeated demands for the release of a Pakistani scientist who was convicted of terrorist activities in Afghanistan. Eventually the FBI stormed the building and Malik Faisal Akram was shot dead.

As soon as it became clear that the dead jihadist was a “British citizen” and was from Blackburn the local multi-culturalists sprang into damage control mode. Various inter-faith groups in Blackburn and local Muslim forums have set about making statements and condemning terrorism. In addition the local Labour MP’s have spoken out to condemn terrorism, but to praise Blackburn’s multi-cultural and inter-community cohesion.

Finally not to be out done, a ‘spokesperson’ for Malik Akram’s family have expressed the usual shock and upset, but believe that Malik Faisal Akram had some ‘mental health issues’. The law enforcement and security services in the USA are less than impressed with their British counterparts in this case, because in 2020 the British intelligence services declared that Akram was not a threat. Moreover, Malik Akram had a criminal record, but was still able to secure a visa to travel to the US without any difficulties.

Not the first time that so-called ‘Counter-terrorism’ have decided that a suspected jihadist is not actually a terrorist threat, we seem to remember that the Muslim gentleman who stabbed the Tory MP Sir David Amess to death, had been investigated and cleared as a non-threat by MI5.

Then of course there is always the safe, fall back excuse that the poor chap had ‘mental health problems’, so he was not a real Islamist fanatic, he was mentally ill and could not help himself. And don’t forget, they successfully identified and arrested a very dangerous 13 year old White supremacist keyboard warrior who was downloading terrorist material, far more of a threat than a poor asylum-seeker or immigrant armed with a knife, or a functioning homemade bomb.

But never mind, MI5 and counter terrorism police showed that they can get it right and this week, on Wednesday, January 19th , held the successful prosecution of a dangerous ‘Far-Right terrorist’ from Darlington. Unfortunately he is only 14 years old, so he cannot be named in the media, but he was found guilty on three counts of possessing information that might prove useful to a person “persuing or committing an act of terrorism”.

He was 13 years old when Counter Terrorism Policing North-East raided his parent’s home to make this impressive arrest.

Note: At the time of writing counter terrorist police have announced the arrest of two males, one in Greater Manchester and another in Birmingham as part of the ongoing case around the Blackburn jihadist.

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