The Dangers Of Social Media To Nationalists

The dangers of social networks

British Movement has often warned of the dangers of posting political or sensitive posts on the like of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. For too long our enemies have trawled these platforms looking for information and gossip.

Groups like Hope Not Hate and Searchlight, along with Zionist ‘defence’ organisations, monitor accounts and then publish ‘exclusives’ (shock, horror, gasp!), about the goings-on in racial Nationalism. The fact that most of these exposes are nothing but the ramblings of drunks or people with an inflated sense of their own self-importance doesn’t matter to them. It makes HNH etc appear as though they have inside knowledge and that in turn leads to them receiving more and bigger donations.

Even more dangerous is when the state monitors these accounts and deliberately targets individuals after these drunken boasts. Prosecutions follow which allows the State to portray a threat from the ‘extreme-right’ on par with the very real threat from Islamic fanatics and violent red organisations like Antifa.

Recent reports from Germany show how state agents are now moving away from the time-consuming and dangerous practice of physically infiltrating groups it deems to be a threat to the constitution, to setting up fake social media accounts and then just waiting for their targets to incriminate themselves. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!

A large number of the most extreme ‘Nazis’ online are actually German domestic intelligence agents, and so as not to blow their cover, actually incite and encourage violence against their targets. It is not too far-fetched to imagine a scenario where Otto, an undercover BfV agent, is encouraging Tobias, also a BfV agent unknown to Otto, to commit acts of vandalism or violence.

Modern Germany claims it is a liberal democracy with free speech, but it uses surveillance against political opposition, even groups like the Alternative For Germany (AfD), and is looking to ban certain social media platforms that it can’t control (ie Telegram). Germany’s new socialist government has made it clear they want an EU-wide ban on that particular app.

In four German states, the AfD has been labelled a threat to the constitution by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). This means that the domestic intelligence agency can legally read the emails and monitor the phone calls of every single AfD member in those four states.

These repressive tactics are being used against critics ranging from racial Nationalists, Reichsbürgers*, Covid sceptics to conservative anti-immigration activists. The German state is now looking to make millions of law-abiding Germans into criminals merely for exercising their democratic right of free speech.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) expects around 150,000 criminal proceedings per year for hate crimes on the Internet due to the Network Enforcement Act, which will be tightened from next month, with the BKA expecting 250,000 hate crime reports.

Social platforms are currently required to delete content that was deemed illegal. The new regulation now obliges them to report hateful comments to the BKA. The central reporting office for criminal content on the Internet (ZMI) will start work next February, the spokesman announced, and will be staffed by 200 official snoopers.

So if you really must tell the world about what you had for breakfast or what your cat dragged in, do it on your family account or preferably, not at all! And do not post on political platforms something you may regret when you’re sober.

*Reichsbürger (“Reich citizens”) maintain that the Federal Republic of Germany is illegitimate and that the Reich’s 1919 Weimar Constitution remains in effect.

Angela Merkel, walks past the portraits of Marx, Engels and Lenin as she visits the so-called “Stasi-Museum” in Berlin.

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