The Great Replacement – Skilled Workers

Refugees attend a training workshop

Main Image: Refugees attend a training workshop at an educational centre in Berlin, Germany. In this workshop, the mainly African refugees are taught vocational training.

One of the main arguments our opponents employ in favour of Third World mass migration into Europe is that they ‘are coming to work’ and will not be a burden on the welfare systems of the host country.

Another is that many of the migrants will have professional qualifications, be university educated and include doctors, dentists, engineers etc, ad nauseum. And obviously we can’t survive without this new pool of workers to replace our ageing population.

One NGO volunteer in Calais even described them in a tv interview as “exceptional young men” who, when they finally get across the Channel, “will be a massive boost for the UK”. Hasn’t she noticed these exceptional young men robbing and assaulting truck drivers who refused to stop to let them break into the back of their trailers?

What about these exceptional young men illegally entering the country and demanding homes, houses, jobs and health-care (against the wishes of the majority of the host population who didn’t want them here in the first place?). Or setting fire to their make-shift tent cities, endangering themselves and the people trying to extinguish the flames?

In the real world, as opposed to the rose-tinted liberal/red utopia, the truth about what we can expect from these ‘exceptional young men’ is slowly being revealed. New real-life data from Germany disproves all of the ‘benefits’ that we are constantly told will come from Third World immigration.

An information request from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP René Springer from the Federal Employment Agency has to do with the eight most common asylum countries of origin during the Camp Of The Saints* style invasion of 2015: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria.

Focusing on 2015-2016, when over one million migrants came uninvited to Germany (remember Merkel’s “We can do it!” speech), let’s look at what it reveals to see if they really did “do it?”

Myth Versus Reality

Of the more than one million migrants who came during the 2015-16 migrant wave to Germany, almost 900,000 of them still live on Hartz IV, which is the country’s social benefit system.

Myth: “Many of the migrants will have professional qualifications or skills we need”.

Reality: Of those of working age, 88 percent have no professional qualifications. More than half of those who found work are in unskilled jobs. Many of the migrants who are employed also receive social benefits due to their low incomes. Only About 4 percent have professional training and 7 percent have academic training. The proportion employed in low-skilled jobs is correspondingly high: 50.1 percent.

Myth: “These ‘new’ Germans will not be a burden on the welfare system. They have come to work and better themselves.”

Reality: The proportion of refugees who live on standard benefits is almost twice as high as that of employed refugees and has levelled off at 66 percent. For comparison, 5.6 percent of Germans fall into the Hartz IV quota for social benefits.

Given the lack of job skills of those who are unemployed or looking for work, there are few who believe that they will be integrated into Germany’s workforce anytime soon. Only About 4% have professional training and 7% have academic training.

Attempts to train these migrants as also failed. Of the approximately 25,000 applicants for a training place from the top eight asylum countries of origin, 15,000 remain unplaced.

“Despite all the euphemisms by the government and the established media, the mass immigration into our social systems can no longer be denied,” said the Afd’s Springer, adding that the billions in German taxpayers’ money spent on integration measures have so far been wasted.

*The Camp of the Saints is a 1973 French dystopian fiction novel by author and explorer Jean Raspail. It depicts the destruction of Western civilisation through Third World mass immigration into France and the West.

Although the book was published almost 50 years ago, it remains as relevant today as it was then. The book became a bestseller in France & America, and still has the power to ‘disturb, provoke and horrify by turns’. As the blurb on the back-cover of the book states:

“By the year 2000 there will on present projections be seven billion people swarming on the surface of the Earth. And only nine hundred million of them will be white. What will happen when the teeming billions of the Third World – driven by unbearable hunger and despair, the inevitable consequences of insensate over-population – descend locust-like on the lush lands of the complacent white nations?”

Refugees arriving in the promised land – Europe.

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