The Real Cost Of Covid-19

The Real Cost Of Covid-19

The British Movement has largely avoided being drawn into the arguments surrounding the pandemic and the right-and-wrongs of the government response. Individual members and supporters have taken part in the anti-vax protests around the country.

Many of us have refused to have the vaccines which have been rushed-through on emergency legislation without the usual checks and safeguards.

Fears that the pandemic is also being used as a testing ground for emergency legislation to clamp-down on individual freedoms and rights also seems justified.

The banishing of cash in transactions has long been a goal of the one-world fanatics and the state security forces. Every digital transaction can be traced, meaning that along with CCTV surveillance, number plate recognition and mobile phone tracking, the citizens whereabouts and every movement is known to the state. Big Brother is really here.

In a Freedom of Information request to the Office of National Statistics, the following question was submitted, and the answer came as no surprise to the sceptics amongst us.

Q. How many otherwise healthy people had died from Covid-19 over the past two-years?

A. A total of 17,371 people with no underlying health problems had died. The average age of those who died was 82 years.

This figure is comparable with the death toll of a typical flu season. In a typical year the death toll in Britain is around 700,000 out of nearly 63 million.

The total cost of the lockdown and the measures to (mis)manage it will be with us for many years to come. Here is a list of the consequences just to the Nation’s health.

Over 180,000 deaths with Covid-19 on the death certificate in the UK.
6 million patients now on the NHS waiting lists, up from 4.4 million before the pandemic.
306,996 patients on waiting lists of more than a year compared with 1,600 before covid.
47,000 missed cancer diagnoses.
40 million missed dental treatments due to Covid.
31,000 fewer people have started cancer treatment.
£532 million spent on seven Nightingale hospitals – with about 300 patients admitted.
53 million face masks discarded every day.

The cost to society will have long-lasting implications as we have highlighted in many posts on this site before.

£370 billion the total sum the government expects to spend on Covid measures.
£31.7 billion fall in tax take for 2020-2021.
£4.3 billion lost to Covid loan fraud.
660,000 jobs lost in hospitality.
34,000 high street shops closed.
£28.3 billion spent on test and trace.

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