The State of Yorkshire Cricket and the Poison Chalice of Multi-culturalism

cricket in Yorkshire

Main image: Pakistani children play cricket in an alley in the Manningham district of Bradford.

On Saturday June 18th 2022 at a British Movement meeting in West Yorkshire, two of the speakers raised the issue of what is happening to traditional cricket clubs in parts of northern England. One speaker focused on events over recent months at Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC), however the second speaker raised a similar point about local cricket clubs outside Yorkshire.

By pure coincidence, and unknown to those present at the BM meeting, on the same day, June 18th, in the sports section of the ‘Guardian’ newspaper, there was a full, three page article on cricket in Yorkshire with a special focus on clubs in the Bradford district.

The Guardian article was focused specifically on the situation at Bowling Old Lane cricket clubs in Bradford, but also touched on other clubs in the inner-city area. The ‘Guardian’ is a notoriously left-leaning newspaper, and the sports section follows the same ideological route, great emphasis in the article was placed on how Asian players had to struggle against ‘racism’ and cultural prejudices in order to play cricket either professionally or in local district cricket clubs. White guilt is never far from the surface here.

Much of the impetus for this article comes from the upheavals at Yorkshire County Cricket Club last year, which was covered on the BM Northern region website at the time. Thrown into a national story about alleged ‘racism’ against the player Azeem Rafiq, the English Cricket Board accepted all the accusations and YCCC was duly purged in a display of woke anti-racism.

YCCC chairman Roger Hutton was forced to resign and no less than 16 full time staff were dismissed because the club was deemed to be “institutionally racist”. Although now many of those sacked white staff are fighting legal actions against YCCC for unfair dismissal.

Of course a new chairman was appointed to fit the new criteria, step forward Kamlesh Patel. However despite all the woke fanfare, cricket in Bradford is offered up as an example of how cricket in Yorkshire does not meet the necessary diversity targets, and offers this insight, “if you want to understand the fissures in English cricket, Bradford is the place to start.”

The ‘Guardian’ tries to offer the reader a potted history of local cricket in the city, the club in the spotlight, Bowling Old Lane, was a traditional White working-class club, first established in 1903, and part of the Bradford Cricket League.

From the late 1960’s onwards, Asian immigrants, some Indians, but mostly Pakistanis, began to look to joining local Bradford cricket clubs as players. Now some district clubs are totally Asian in makeup, including club officials.

But this is not good enough as the clubs follow a traditional English cricket structure in terms of rules, dates and times of matches and the social side of the clubs. So there are completely Asian Leagues in Bradford, the Quaid e Azam for the Pakistani community and a separate league for Bangladeshis in Bradford.

Inevitably a number of the traditional White working-class cricket clubs folded as districts became Asian dominated, and club grounds and buildings were sold off to house builders and developers. The article lists former clubs Laisterdyke, Lidget Green, Idle and Eccleshill.

One Asian cricket club official admits that the traditional local club’s social side did not suit the incoming Asians; a few pints of beer after a match, bar takings funded the clubs, the ‘cricket teas’ of ham sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs or pork pies, no halal meats.

Without the traditional sources of income, clubs lost revenue and could no longer afford staff or the upkeep of club houses and social clubs. Complete culture clash killed off many clubs. Local White cricket teams no longer felt welcome and many White locals stopped attending matches where there was no club house bar or after match socialising. Now at Yorkshire cricket matches “people feel watched over, and are wary of saying the wrong thing and offending the wrong people.”

The article tries to skate over certain ‘problems’ with some local cricket clubs. particularly the scandals around the former Asian dominated and controlled Manningham Mills club, which was eventually voted out of the Bradford League in 2013 and forced to close down. Given that Manningham Mills had been one of the founding clubs in the city cricket league at the beginning of the 20th Century, it was a real fall from grace.

The ‘Guardian’ journalist asked a number of Bradford’s Asian cricketers and club supporters about Manningham Mills, but most refused to discuss it. Strange, because if it had been a scandal about “White racism”, they would not have shut up talking about it. However there were moments of unintentional honesty in the facts presented by the ‘Guardian’ sports journalist Andy Bull.

Some of the official statistics quoted tell a sad story of a city colonised, and of entire districts being taken over by non-white communities. Typical examples here will resonate with anyone who knows the city of Bradford: “In the last 40 years, Bradford’s British-Pakistani population has grown from 4% of the city’s total to 20% of it.”

The overall picture for certain inner-city districts is even worse, the Little Horton district which includes Bowling Old Lane, shows a 2011 census record of 48.5% British – Pakistani and that 58% of the district were practicing Muslims, which obviously includes Bangladeshi, Indian Muslims, Afghans, Middle-Easterners and various African nationalities.

These figures clearly show that in some parts of Bradford the White British are marginalised, even when added to by other White nationalities such as Irish, Eastern Europeans or Italians, in some areas Whites are a dwindling racial minority. For any British National Socialist or racial Nationalist, these figures justify our fear of the ‘Great Replacement’ and the growing threat to the future gene pool of the overall British population.

Remember these are just figures for the ‘British-Pakistani’ population in Bradford and exclude all the other South Asian nationalities, as well as African-Caribbean, African, Middle-East, Afghans, Chinese, Vietnamese, assorted South-American nationals and of course a Jewish community in the city.

This is the brutal reality of multiculturalism and its impact on a city treated as a cosmopolitan centre which acts as a magnet for immigrants. Remember the words of the ‘Guardian’ article, “There is no resonance between the communities – they’re polarised by postcodes” and as a direct rebuff of Bradford becoming the next ‘City of Culture’, “the community (Pakistani) spends its money internally, the clothes they buy, the food they buy, the shops they go to – it’s all in the community, there is no need to go into town, and the town is dying on its feet.”

The story of local cricket clubs detailed here is easily repeated across the towns of West Yorkshire, but is almost identical to the situation in East Lancashire, Greater Manchester and parts of Cheshire. Outside the North, it is a similar story in parts of the West Midlands, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire, in fact wherever there are large urban areas which have been colonised and are now dominated by South Asian communities.

This is just one sad aspect of the poison of multiculturalism in modern Britain.

Bradford Park Avenue hosts matches in the Ramadan Cup under the watchful eyes of the Grand Mosque.

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