The Strange Case Of Wakefield Conservative MP Imran Khan

Conservative MP Imran Ahmard Khan

Conservative MP Imran Ahmard Khan, age 48, was elected in 2019 as the first Tory MP for Wakefield in almost a century. Khan’s election was considered a double triumph for the Conservative party as it signalled the taking of a traditional ‘Red Wall’ seat and Khan also demonstrated how ‘diverse’ the Conservative party was becoming.

Yesterday Khan was finally convicted at Southwark Crown Court in London of a sexual assault on a 15-year-old boy at a house in Staffordshire back in 2008. The victim had recognised Khan when watching the General Election results and reported the case to the police in Staffordshire.

Very quickly Khan sought every possible legal means to hide the story and to prevent word about this case reaching the outside world. All through the legal process Khan sought to gag the media from reporting on this case, he gave long distance video interviews to police, claiming that the Covid protocols prevented him from travelling to be interviewed, and compliant magistrates did not list his name, the case or details of the offences.

Khan launched two expensive legal actions to prevent the case being reported in the media, in the first instance he succeeded in getting a magistrate to issue an ‘interim anonymity order’ to prevent the case being reported.

Khan argued several reasons for his case not to be reported; his personal security, his human rights, his security as an MP, his rights to privacy etc. etc.

On the first day of the trial at Southwark Crown Court, mysteriously Khan’s name did not appear on the public listings outside the court, his name was replaced by a row of asterisks, and once again he appealed to the judge to issue reporting restrictions. However, news organisations challenged the gag order.

Meanwhile when the details of the case were finally released to the public, another victim came forward to report that he had been sexually molested by Khan in Pakistan in 2010. Khan desperately tried to keep secret the details of his case because it revealed that not only
was he a predatory homosexual but he also liked to drink gin and tonics.

He claimed that as an Ahmadi Muslim, both alcohol and homosexuality were forbidden and if the details were made public it could incite Muslim extremists to attack him! (He did not mention that the details proved him to be a hypocrite).

Imran Khan has been expelled from the Conservative party but continues to hold office as a Member of Parliament and is unlikely to be blocked from the House of Commons until he is sentenced.

At the time of writing the Conservative Party LGBT group has tried to speak out in defence of Imran Khan – seems that an assault on an underage boy does not concern them too much.

Madness – letting this sexual deviant decide on British foreign policy

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