Ungrateful Afghan Angry At Still Being In A Hotel

Afghans flee kabul

After being rescued from Kabul by the British as the city fell to the fanatics of the Taliban, we would have assumed that those whose lives we saved would be singing the praises of their rescuers and be grateful for anything that they were given in Britain. But no, free board and lodgings, laundry, English lessons, mobile phones and spending money are not enough it seems.

21-year-old Afghan Marwa Koofi was in the press saying that she is losing hope as the waits for permanent accommodation from the Home Office. She has been living in an hotel near Leeds for almost a year, paid for by the British taxpayer and with full-board thrown in.

She fled Kabul when it fell to the Taliban in August last year. “I have wasted a year” she said. “When I think back to the year, I just see it as blank – it’s nothing, I haven’t done anything”. She is set to study International Relations at Kings College London in September.

This country has already provided homes for over 7,000 Afghans in the last twelve months. There are currently 10,500 Afghans staying in hotels across the UK. We have record numbers of economic migrants crossing the English Channel every day, all demanding houses while living at taxpayer’s expense.

Britain already has a desperate shortage of family homes and long waiting lists for any houses that become available. Isn’t it about time we began putting our own people first?

The first two comments published under the article in the report summed up the feelings of most:

“Plenty of British people would love to be living for free in a hotel with the cost of gas and electric now. We also have people born here who cannot get accommodation. We don’t have enough houses for everyone and our own should come first.” – Fairplayforall

“Go home then” – OldBadger

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