Who Said The Great Replacement Is A Myth?

the great replacement

A new report (July 27 2021) by Migration Watch UK draws attention to the wider impact of immigration, the extent of which has not yet been fully appreciated.

Over 90% of the population growth in recent years has been driven by immigration and their UK-born off-spring. Over the past 20 years this has added over 7 million to the British population. The number of people born abroad but are now living here is estimated to be around 9 million.

“Immigration is an organised replacement of our population. This threatens our very survival.”

Marine Le Pen

The report pulls no punches, stating that “Meanwhile, the ethnic minority population, whether or not born in the UK, has more than doubled to thirteen million, increasing their share of the population from 10% to just over 20% in just twenty years.”

“The impact of very high levels of immigration on a country that is already crowded combined with the younger age structure of the ethnic population and, in some cases, higher birth rates have not been fully understood.”

“Unfortunately, there has been no clear Parliamentary or public approval for continued immigration on the recent scale. As a result, it could become very difficult to maintain the social cohesion that is essential for a successful society.”

With arrivals running at around 300,000 a year and the prospect of many more of the third world coming here to replace the EU citizens who have left, the future of indigenous Britons is uncertain. Will we just sit back, ostrich like, and pretend everything is rosy and just carry on digging our own graves, or will we decide enough is enough and become revolutionary Nationalists who spend every waking minute fighting for our race and nation?

Those who mock the ‘Great Replacement, and say it is a myth, should heed the words of Enoch Powell 53 years ago: “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

No race or culture has a given right to survive. The Roman Empire was weakened by race-mixing, leaving it vulnerable to attack from the Aryan tribes of Europe. The Aztecs and Inca empires were wiped out by the Spanish Conquistadors. The Red Indians were beaten and moved off their ancestral lands by white settlers. Now the same is happening to us.

The sheer speed of change being forced on us by our democratic ‘leaders’ (who have never asked what the British people wanted) will lead to economic and political upheaval on a scale not seen in this country before. This along with the coming financial crisis following the covid pandemic will push the people of this country down a path that many believed could not happen in here.

The current Chairman of Migration Watch (himself an immigrant) ended the report with this ominous conclusion:

“We can no longer duck the longer-term consequences of very high levels of immigration which have taken place without the public’s consent. The British people will be deeply concerned when they realise the sheer scale of the changes and their impact on prospects for achieving a harmonious and integrated society.”

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