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helping the homeless

On Tuesday 30th April, an activist from BM Greater Manchester went out on his own to help some of the 7,000 homeless in Manchester City Centre. The activist gave out sandwiches, water, wet wipes and hand warmers. Everything was given out in under 10 minutes, and every homeless person was white British. The activist was thanked by several members of the public.

British Movement will continue to look after our folk as the government won’t. They would rather house foreign invaders in hotels, while our own folk are out on the streets, cold and hungry.

Manchester Awake!

The news that a record 7,000 asylum seekers have arrived on our shores in the first few months of 2024 makes depressing headlines for any patriotic Briton. The flood of economic migrants continues to add to the replacement of the indigenous population, placing an unprecedented strain on our country’s infrastructure.

For the poor unfortunates who have no home and are forced to sleep rough on the streets of our towns and cities, it means that another 7,000 beds will have to be found for migrants who have no connection or loyalty to our country, whose ancestors have not given one drop of blood fighting for Britain and its people.

This deliberate growth in the immigrant population is now negatively impacting the lives of millions of working-class Britons around the country, as evidenced by the unacceptable wait for doctor and dental appointments. In our hospitals, seriously ill patients are being kept on trolley’s in the corridors due to a lack of beds. The NHS was once the envy of the world, but is now totally overwhelmed and in decline.

The lack of housing is causing untold misery, with the old gang political parties making wild promises to build 300,000 new homes every year. In 2022, nearly 750,000 people entered the UK, many of them students, workers in the care industry and their dependents. And where will they be housed? What about making sure our own people have homes first?

Still the elite press on with their sacred Kalergi plan, seemingly oblivious to the rising anger and distrust of ‘our’ politicians. More and more of our folk have had enough, with the blinkers being ripped from their eyes. They are searching for somebody or something to stand up and fight back. Many of them are now looking at National Socialism for the first time, as evidenced by the enquiries coming into the BM Head Office.

Britain Awake!


All images: British Movement.

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