Ausländer Raus! This Year’s White Boy Summer Hit!

auslander raus

The chant, “Deutschland den Deutschen – Ausländer raus,” which is sung to the tune of “L’amour toujours” has gone viral across Germany.

The song, which in English translates as “Germany for the Germans – Foreigners out,” has had the public prosecutor working overtime trying to identify anyone singing this popular, ‘forbidden’ song.

In the latest development, the Augsburg public prosecutor’s office has dropped investigations into Germans singing “Ausländer raus” at a Carnival parade in Landsberg am Lech last February. The song “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino has topped the charts since this incident

We have compiled a number of videos of the song for your enjoyment.

YouTube is already censoring anything that they consider ‘hateful’.

The normally reserved Germans letting their hair down!
Meanwhile, in the disco….
Turkish TV takes note.
The full song.


Top Image: British Movement Northern Ai.
All Videos: YouTube.

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