Entryism and Infiltration of Mainstream Political Organisations Across the North of England

islamic entryism

The toxic sectarian byproducts of a multicultural, multiracial and multi-faith society are now beginning to surface, specifically in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Long predicted by British National Socialists and racial Nationalists, such as Colin Jordan and John Tyndall, the local elections of May 2024 have given a window through which the developing future of British domestic politics can be viewed.

Many assorted British Nationalist commentators have raised voices in alarm at the latest developments in British local authority politics, especially at the overt Islamist outbursts by successful candidates, much of it ignoring local issues but aimed at support for Palestine and the population of Gaza. Across the UK, a running total of 40 independent councillors have been elected on a pro-Gaza ticket. Others have successfully stood as candidates for smaller political parties such as the Green Party.

Previously on the British Movement Northern Region website, articles have drawn attention to the turmoil in the Labour Party and the outlandish speeches given by some Islamist candidates in council elections, most noticeable was the “Allahu Akbar” victory speech by the newly elected Green Party councillor for Leeds City Council, Gipton and Harehills ward.

Gipton and Harehills Green Party campaign team
Newly elected Green Party councillor for Leeds City Council, Mohin Ali, and his campaign team.

Not forgetting the recently elected MP for Oldham, George Galloway, who won the previously safe Labour seat for the Workers Party on a pro-Palestine, pro-Gaza ticket, with enormous backing from the local Muslim communities. The fact that Galloway beat a Labour Party candidate who was a local Pakistani Labour Party councillor stands as a direct warning to Sir Keir Starmer and the current leadership of the Labour Party.

Likewise, the local election results in Oldham showed that the Labour Party had lost control of the council to a slate of Independent candidates, the pattern behind the George Galloway win was repeated on a ward-by-ward basis. The outburst at the Leeds election count by victorious Green Party candidate Mohin Ali has been widely reported and sets a pattern repeated in other towns and cities in the North where there are large, established Asian Muslim communities.

The May 2024 local election results for Bradford City Council are a useful indicator of a pattern being repeated across West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and eastern Lancashire, where so-called ‘Independent’ candidates have triumphed over Labour held seats, a surprising 13 Independent candidates were successful in the inner city wards of Bradford. A particularly disturbing feature of the local election conclusion in Bradford was the social media footage of an excited ‘Pakistani-heritage’ activist listing all the inner Bradford wards where the Islamist independents had been victorious, and the man went on to issue a warning to Bradford MP Naz Shah, that “We are coming after you – Free Palestine!”. He went on to issue a warning to Sir Keir Starmer: “Bradford has rejected Labour and has rejected Zionism.”

This was particularly significant given Naz Shah’s track record as the Labour MP who, during the revelations about the Rotherham and Rochdale grooming gang scandals, stated on social media that the White girls who were victims of the Asian grooming gangs should keep their mouths shut in the interests of diversity. The fact that Naz Shah continues to be part of the Labour Party has angered Muslim political activists.

From across the Pennines in Burnley, the video of the victory celebrations by candidate Aurangzeb Ali was more like a scene from elections in Pakistan or the Middle East than Burnley. Likewise video online from Blackburn where the exotically named former Conservative Party councillor Tiger Patel, who dedicated his election win as an ‘Independent’, not to the voters of Blackburn, but said, “This is not my victory, this is a victory for the people of Palestine.”

In some of the inner wards of Blackburn and Darwen, ‘Independent’ candidates with Pakistani names won the seats with massive majorities over the mainstream party candidates. A total of 8 such ‘independents’ were photographed by the Lancashire Telegraph celebrating their electoral success on the steps of the town hall, all were bearded men of ‘South Asian appearance’.

The examples listed above are just a snap shot of what happened in some council elections in both Yorkshire and Lancashire, other towns and cities saw similar patterns and the overt warnings being issued by organisations such as Muslim Vote and the Muslim Council of Britain as regards to future political activity by candidates selected for their religious and ethnic backgrounds. The Muslim population of the United Kingdom is growing year on year, and they have their eyes on the future.

The Muslim Vote organisation offers a disturbing view of the growth of what some commentators are calling “Political Islam”, and broadcasts on both GB News and TalkTV have expressed concerns about the impact of this political direction and the generation of ‘sectarian politics’ in British elections of the future. Muslim Vote makes it clear that there are currently 4 million Muslim voters in Britain in 2024.

In the wake of the election victories for Muslim candidates across the UK, especially in Greater London, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, West and South Yorkshire and Lancashire, the Muslim Vote organisation has presented a list of 18 points, demands issued to Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party.

Here are just a few of those demands;
End military ties to Israel.
Recognise the Palestinian state.
Ensure that Sharia compliant pensions are available at every workplace.
A guarantee of provision for Islamic prayers in schools.
Remove Michael Gove’s ‘extremist’ definition on three Muslim organisations.

It goes on to a full 18-point list that Muslim Vote wants to see set in legislation when the Labour Party wins the next General Election. The Muslim Vote has vowed to punish the Labour Party and to actively prevent Muslims from voting for the Labour Party.

All of the above should sound the alarm for every White British patriot, indeed alarm bells should be ringing in the heads of the entire White British population because these militant Islamists intend to dominate British politics in the future and intend to change British law to accommodate their communities, even if that runs counter to what the White British want to happen.

It will not just be a question of providing halal food in schools and hospitals, etc. it will be the gradual introduction of Sharia Law into the British legal system, the reform of laws prohibiting forced marriages, the imposition of Islamic prohibitions on alcohol, the separation of male and female mixed venues and the imposition of “modest dress” in public.

This is the outcome of mass immigration into Britain and immigration continues to bring more and more people into the UK who will willingly swell the ranks of Muslim communities and eventually take political control of entire towns and cities. It will not just be Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London.


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