H&D Conference – The Opposition

Heritage and Destiny Annual Meeting 2023

A report and video of the conference held yesterday in Preston will appear as soon as it is edited and available. This short post focuses mainly on the Marxists and their pathetic opposition to the event.

A total of 23 people and one small child (see the image above) attended yesterday’s ‘Unity’ rally in Preston to oppose the Heritage & Destiny meeting. Unable to locate the venue, the Marxists held their demonstration at the Workers’ Memorial in Lune Street, Preston. Stand Up To Racism later posted that “50 people turned out yesterday for the Preston Unity Rally, organised by Preston & South Ribble Trades Union Council, Unite Against Fascism and Lancashire Association of Trades Union Councils.”

Bizarrely, the Lancashire Post quoted a member of the city’s small Jewish community as saying that Heritage and Destiny were “beyond the pale.” Jeremy Dable, a Jewish Preston resident, said of the group: “They’re very careful in how they couch their words, but [the Jewish community] is used to reading between the lines, we really are, so we know who we’re dealing with.”

Jeremy Dable? Is it just us or does that name appear to be suspect? We all know of the notorious editor of Searchlight magazine, the convicted burglar and Zionist Gerry Gable. Perhaps it is just our suspicious ‘fascist minds’.

The Red opposition turned out in force in Preston yesterday!

Steve Frost and Isabel Peralta, two of yesterday’s speakers at the Heritage & Destiny “Honour the Past – Conquer the Future” meeting.

Keeping the flame burning.


Top Image: Facebook.
Lower Image: Facebook.
Bottom Image: British Movement Northern.

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