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An article by council insider and correspondent ‘Frustrated’.

After the May 2024 local elections Nigel Farage declared that Muslim sectarian voting had arrived in Britain and this development would mean problems especially for Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

The local elections showed the Labour Party to be haemorrhaging thousands of Muslim votes in Muslim areas. So Sir Keir Starmer’s transformed, pro-Israel Labour Party is in danger of losing millions of Labour’s Muslim voters that have voted Labour as it usually champions Muslims over the native White British!

Indeed, we now know that Labour, when in power at both the national and local government levels, ignored, covered up and protected a plague of Muslim grooming and child rape gangs that preyed on the young daughters of Labour’s (abandoned) traditional white working class voters and supporters.

Keir Starmer is desperately trying to woo back Muslim voters.

Labour also has a history of promoting mass Muslim immigration into Britain with its ideologically driven ‘diversity drive’ to replace the native white inhabitants of Britain with non-white immigrants. Unfortunately for Muslims, their usually favoured status over white working class Britons, is not replicated whenever their Muslim interests come into conflict with Israel and Jewish interests. Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, (who like Starmer is also a Zionist LFI supporter), said that Labour will work to “earn votes back in the future” after she conceded that the Labour Party had lost council seats because of the war in Gaza.

A backlash by Muslim voters over Labour’s pro-Israel stance on the Middle East conflict under Sir Keir Starmer saw Labour lose many seats to independent, pro-Palestine candidates and consequently, the loss of Labour’s overall control of Oldham Council. Labour also lost seats in Manchester, Rochdale, Blackburn and Halifax to George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain, in revolt against Sir Keir Starmer’s pro-Israel position on Gaza.

Keir Starmer faces a difficult dilemma. He is married to a Jewish woman and is an absolute supporter of Israel. He is determined to avoid Labour being accused of any trace of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the run up to the 2024 General Election, So, although he risks losing millions of Muslim votes, he has adopted a pro-Israel stance, expelling Muslim members he regards as being ‘anti-Semitic’ (that is critical of Israel).

Since Sir Keir Starmer replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in 2020, he has also appointed his shadow cabinet almost entirely from members and supporters of the Labour Friends of Israel. LFI is a pro-Israel lobbying group that takes British MP’s on lavishly funded ‘fact-finding’ trips to the Middle East, where they are encouraged to view the conflict from a Zionist perspective.

The charismatic George Galloway MP recently condemned the Labour Party from just outside the Houses of Parliament at his Workers Party press event, introducing some of the hundreds of Workers Party candidates the electorate will have the option to vote for in the upcoming General Election. I do like Galloway and his charming Indonesian wife, but I still cannot vote for him or his party.

But I am moved by Galloway’s powerful oratory that clearly exposes Sir Keir Starmer’s complicity in supporting Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, with the Israelis brazenly evil Gaza genocide. How can any self-respecting Muslim, whose heart breaks at the daily video news reports of freshly murdered, mutilated Palestinian Muslim women and children, vote for Starmer’s new Zionist Labour Party?

Galloway also condemned the unhealthy influence that the ‘Friends of Israel’ associations have within our Parliament. He disturbingly identified that 37% of Labour MP’s and 80% of Conservative MP’s were members of their respective ‘Friends of Israel’ associations! He claimed that ‘British’ MP’s join their party ‘Friends of Israel’ groupings because it is now required in order to further their careers. No wonder Galloway quips that the Labour and Tory parties are two cheeks of the same backside!

Labour cannot continue to support Israel and also Muslim immigration into Britain! Their current policy will inevitably radicalise Muslims into hating Israel and Jews, damaging the social cohesion that Labour promotes and bringing communal strife onto our streets.


Top Image: MPs at a Labour Friends of Israel event. (Photo: Keir Starmer / Flickr).

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