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Under the Sunwheel presents a very special interview with Mr. Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO). The interview was conducted at the end of November 2021 by a friend of UtS. Uploaded March 9th, 2022.

Born in Milwaukee in 1953, Gerhard Lauck grew up in an area of pro-German sentiment. Nicknamed the “German Athens of America”, by the 1930’s the city hosted the largest German-born population in the US outside of Chicago and New York City.

In his autobiography he stated: “An overseas organization based in a free country would supply the underground resistance with professionally produced printed matter. It would have a uniform contact address in the free country. Inquirers would receive free sample literature and their own unique ‘ID number’ for use in future correspondence instead of their real name and address. This protected their identity in the event of a later interception of the mail.”

Thus the National Socialist German Workers Party/Overseas Organization, or NDSAP/AO, was born.

In an interview with the The Guardian newspaper in July 2017, the reporter states that in an act of ethnic consciousness, he changed his name from Gary to “Gerhard”, and neighbors say he’d often correct them on it. “If Cassius Clay can be Muhammad Ali,” he says, “then Gary Lauck can be Gerhard Lauck.”

In addition to its still expanding web-hosting platform, the AO continues to publish hard-copy translations of original SS literature through its online bookstore, Third Reich Books. In total, they publish over 400 titles in 13 languages, Lauck says, and recently purchased their own binding equipment, moving the entire book-building process in-house.

The full Guardian interview can be viewed here:

I’ve been an American for over 60 years. I’ve been a German for over 4,000

Gerhard Lauck

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