Lancashire and Greater Manchester Terror Arrests

Lancashire and Greater Manchester Terror Arrests

More evidence of the benefits of multiculturalism as yet more Islamic militants are arrested.

It was not too long ago that one of the government ‘experts’ on counter terrorism declared to an enthusiastic liberal national media that one of the greatest threats to the British public was “far right terrorism”. Unfortunately for state agencies pushing that false narrative, all the evidence now indicates that it is militant Islamism that is posing the greatest threat at every level.

Over recent months, the British Movement Northern Region has highlighted cases of militant Islamist political activity, the murders carried out in revenge for Gaza by Islamist fanatics and the arrests being made in the North by counter terrorism police of potential Islamic terrorist supporters.

This time the arrests have been in Lancashire and Greater Manchester and the news reports and official press statements by Greater Manchester Police have been cautious and carefully worded.

“Terror arrests around Greater Manchester ‘part of Europe-wide investigation into Islamic extremism’

The arrests of three men on suspicion of terrorism in raids around Greater Manchester were part of a Europe-wide investigation into Islamic extremism, sources have told the Manchester Evening News. One source told the M.E.N. the arrests were ‘very significant’.

As investigators were tonight given further time to interview the three men, on suspicion of commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said they would not speculate on our information.

An investigation is continuing following raids at addresses in Wigan and Bolton on Wednesday evening. One source told us the arrests were ‘very significant’ and concerned a Europe-wide investigation into Islamic extremism. A second source confirmed the arrests were significant and concerned Islamic extremism. GMP has declined to explain the nature of the investigation.”

Once again, the mainstream media have tried to avoid highlighting yet another case of Islamist terrorist activity in the United Kingdom. This is especially important to the political establishment in the wake of the recent local elections, where overtly Islamist candidates were parading their militant ideas and fundamentalist ideological support for the Palestinians.

At a national level, the coverage of these arrests and the intentions of those involved have been carefully downplayed by the national mainstream media, mostly reported in regional media reports on the BBC and ITV for the North-West news outlets and in regional newspapers like the Lancashire Telegraph and the Manchester Evening News.

“Three men have been charged with terrorism offences in Greater Manchester. Walid Saadaoui, 36, of Crankwood Road, Abram, and Amar Hussein, 50, of no fixed address, have been charged with preparation of terrorist acts. Bilel Saadaoui, 35, of Fairclough Street, Hindley, has been charged with failure to disclose information about an act of terrorism.

A number of police scenes are in place across Greater Manchester this morning after three men were arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences.

Four raids were carried out at homes in Bolton, Great Lever, Abram and Hindley yesterday evening (May 8) by specialist police officers. The three men, were arrested at separate locations on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.”

Always careful not to upset the multicultural agenda and to avoid scapegoating an ethnic minority community by accurately reporting on potential terrorist activity by members of Britain’s non-white Muslim community, the Guardian newspaper gave a brief update on the case on Wednesday May 15th 2024. In a small article in the depths of inner pages, the Guardian reported on “Three In Court Over Alledged Plot To Attack Jewish Community.”

However, the truth of the situation was not just that the would-be ISIS Cell was not just plotting to attack Jewish targets in the North-West, but also planned to attack specific UK based military targets and the police, yet the Guardian chose to focus on the threat to the Jewish districts of Manchester and elsewhere in Lancashire. A small, highlighted block of text stated that “They planned an IS inspired terrorist attack in the UK”. Surely this should have been front page reporting?

It will be interesting to see how much national media coverage this case receives when the would-be ISIS terrorists appear for trial at the Old Bailey at the end of May 2024. Had this been a case of supposed ‘Far-Right’ terrorist plotting, readers of this web site can be sure that the reporting and media speculation would have been much louder and with greater national media coverage. There is no doubt that state agencies are afraid to upset the sizeable Islamist element within the UK resident Muslim communities and that Islamic terrorism shatters the image of what Michael Gove chose to reference as, “The United Kingdom is a success story – a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy. It is stronger because of its diversity.”

The reality is very different Mr Gove, the multicultural, multi-ethnic urban centres are a breeding ground for imported Third World ideological and religious forces that truly threaten the indigenous White British majority population.

Diversity is the breeding ground and recruitment ground for anti-British militants.


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